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    The guy called today to service our Boiler, he advises that we need a new Gas Boiler – cost between €1600 — 2200.

    Just wonder has anybody got one recently and if so from whom

    Our Boiler is 15 yrs old…

    Thanks in advance


    Can you get any help on your home insurance? I would call them and ask for some advice.


    Life span sounds about right. Got a new one – a condensing gas boiler???? – in Dundalk about 2/3 years ago. Price was in that range as far as I can remember. At the time you could get a new one through the gas company & pay it off in monthly installments. Don’t know if that still available. We didn’t go with them in the end. We went with a crew called O’Shaugnessy Brothers in Dundalk. On the plus side, it was much more efficient. Don’t know if that any help.


    Thank You
    Never thought about our Home Insurance… Idea??

    Have a lovely weekend..


    Libby mine is on the blink, i was going to change the week before xmas but dh said keep the money in the bank and replace when it dies. That is the life span for boilers, even less in these hard water areas.

    I really cant see how your house insurance would be able to help you, but no harm to give a call.

    A few little tips.
    1) buy the best brand you can afford, stay away from Baxi or Potterton boilers, they give too much trouble. Viessman (sp) boilers are German, they have a great rating on Best Buy, very little trouble, very fuel efficent and only a few hundred more then the cheap baxi models.

    2) DONT allow anyone fit a new boiler until they power flush your system, a flush is about 150 to 200e. If you dont get this done you are going to cancel your warrenty

    3) Dont bother with the boiler grant, i got one of the plumbers to do 2 quotes and one without the grant (a cash job) even after the grant, the cash job was 500e cheaper then going down the grant route. This was for the very same boiler and work.

    I got a price of a new boiler and 3 Digital heating zones (downstairs, upstairs and my water tank in the hot press) I already have 3 zones but not digital, if you didnt have the wiring it might add a bit of mess and a few euro to the bill.
    my quote for a 24kw Viessman (big boiler) 3 zone upgrades and a power flush was about 1600e, Willy Harmon was the plumber. I got about 10 quotes over the past 18 months and some were as high as 5k!


    Thanks Taylor
    Talk soon

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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