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    Did anyone get another gas bill – got Januarys bill today – it is more expenive for the last 38 days that it had been for Oct -Nov – Dec?

    Does anyone no what is going on?


    yeah i got another bill in too. €188. Can’t believe it. This is our second one this year!!! 👿


    christ i better not get another – it was 232 for nov/dec/jan but i wasn’t expecting another one until march


    I got mine yesterday, billing period 11 Dec – 10 Feb and it was €375. Never in the 12 years living here had we a bill so hugh. Cant believe it.


    seemingly there was no bills sent out for oct -dec period because of change over of account numbers hence the 2 bills coming near enough the same time, happened my nana too.

    Got mine couple of weeks ago and was €130, i was happy with that, esb was €69 so €200 for 2 months of each, nice one!!


    Hi iibby 🙂

    no matter how dh and i tried to save from using the electricity as in more efficient ways
    we still get bills that high 300 euros a month.

    something is not right from [size=150]ESB [/size]
    They claim theres a [size=150][size=7]regulator [/size[/size]]it is such a crazy amount we as a nation had to pay for
    such [size=150]high electricity bills every month[/size].

    [size=200]And there should be competition for Bord gas and ESB [/size]

    [size=200]Not just one Fat cat company once they dont feel there is any [size=24]competition we [/size]be under the mercy again another [size=200]rip off [/size]:twisted:[/size]


    I got my bill in Jan it was 420 from 26th Oct to 5th Dec, the week after I changed over to Flogas so got a closing bill from bord Gais (from 5th Ded to 31st Jan) which was again 420 euro….. so I had to pay almost 850 in gas bills in just a week 🙄
    Then this week I got a Flogas bill but it was only for 40 euro, I rang and they said everyones bills go out at the same time reglardless of when I signed up. Its only a weeks bil, but sooo fed up at the minute bills bills bills

    Dont get me wrong Im glad I changed to Flogas and Im in the process of changing from ESB to Bord Gais for my electricy supply anyone whos cheaper will get my custom

    Will also be shopping in Supervalu in Drogheda as they seem to be the only ones making a real effort with prices cuts

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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