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    I don’t think they should ever have sold tickets for 5 concerts for Garth Brooks gigs. Its nor fair on the residents to have 5 concerts in a row.

    And now, Garth Brooks says he may pull out of all 5 gigs. Ah, the poor pet, is he upset at making a few less million??

    I don’t understand why they can’t have 2 of the gigs in Cork or somewhere else – even the Phoenix park?

    Why should all the residents be put out like that and its totally unfair they are saying these residents are hurting our economy.

    It is the organisers fault for doing a bad job, not the people who don’t want to be disturbed by 5 nights of country music and drunks walking past their houses keeping them awake and making a mess.

    Well done Dublin City Council for putting their foot down – fair play to them!



    I agree Sabbi- and I am one of the ones with tickets for Tuesday night- I think that the people who got the tickets for the first 3 gigs should be allowed to go, regardless. (Not that I didn’t try to get tickets for any of these – I just wasn’t lucky enough 🙁 ) But I do think it is unfair on the residents that they will be locked into their homes from Friday morning until (effectively) Wednesday morning- I would really like to see him but I’m starting to go off the idea now with all the rowing about it.
    I don’t think he is being mean though- I think he feels it would be unfair on the fans to not be able to go after all the planning that has gone on (by the fans) but I’d imagine there are quite a few people who have tickets to more than one of his gigs which is also unfair on others who want to go….
    I have 4 tickets for the Tuesday night and even now if it goes ahead there is only 2 of us now willing to go (well one actually as my hubby doesn’t want to go…..) the others managed to get tickets for the Saturday night before all this started so I’m stuck with 2 extra- anyway so at least I’ll get a refund if it’s not going ahead



    I just wonder why they couldn’t have organised two of the gigs for the Phoenix park or somewhere like that? It was never a good idea to have 5 in a row in one place.

    He is being quite dramatic comparing the gigs to his children though – its not like its a life or death situation!!

    I do hope they can find a solution and I hope they go ahead because our reputation is being torn to shreds internationally – again – and that’s something we could do without!!



    they can’t do it now in the Phoenix park or any other Dublin Venue because of the planning laws – it takes 10weeks for a licence to be granted apparently.
    It was all wrong from the start unfortunately – apparently when they saw the interest in Dublin they tailored the gig accordingly – or so they are saying
    DCC are saying that the promoters could have applied for a licence at any time but off course the promoters are saying they weren’t told there could be a problem
    Either way I think it’s an awful shame that it’s all breaking now so close to the gigs – it would be a shame to lose the gigs but I can see why they shouldn’t go ahead either – dammed if they do dammed if they don’t at this stage I think



    Its very embarrassing.

    As a nation, sometimes we cannot see the damage we are doing to ourselves at times. It seems they are all digging their heels in now and blaming everyone else but all the blaming is getting them nowhere and no closer to a resolution.

    They should have applied for the license immediately – even before they sold the tickets to the 5 gigs. They had to know it could be problematic because it has never been done before and is outside of the agreed 3 concert rule. To say they did not anticipate a problem is complete ignorance on their part.

    For DCC, they have apparently voted in favour of all 5 gigs but cannot give the licenses for some reason.

    Maybe its time for Enda orone of his minions to step in and try to sort it out. Its really getting massively embarrassing, at home and abroad.



    Its all gone into total and utter madness now.

    Some local guy from Ballybough has claimed he was getting death threats because he opposed the concerts. He now says he was paid €15,000 and given a new suit (yes, a suit!!!!) to withdraw his opposition. He says he has lost his partner and has been forced to move into different accommodation because of the whole sorry saga. He says he is an ‘ordinary joe soap’ and never had a suit before. I don’t know if he is more sorry or the situation he is in!!!

    This is a crazy situation. Even Enda Kenny is involved and residents have gone to the US Embassy in Dublin to ask them to ask Barack Obama to ask Garth to come play.

    This is like a Twilight Zone episode!



    it’s all a big joke at this stage – even if by some miracle the concerts did go ahead they’d want to be out of this world after all the blooming carry on



    Can you believe people went out and protested today?!!!!

    I have a ticket for the Tuesday night, and even if they did go ahead, at this stage I have no heed, they have taken any fun out of it.

    I blame Aiken primarily…. he surely knew 5 nights would cause problems, but once he realised the interest he got greedy… I watch Garth’s press conference and I thought he was quite good regarding Ireland… of course he wants them to go ahead too as there is a lot of money to be made, but I do think he feels torn.

    I don’t think the government should be involved at all and I laughed when I heard some contacted the American Embassy to try and get Obama involved!!!!!

    Regardless of who is right or wrong though, I feel for the people who have flights and accommodation booked (although they can still come over I’m sure) but for those who paid over the odds… they certainly won’t get it back.



    The whole debacle is a fiasco. It is so embarrassing and at this stage its awful for anyone who has tickets because they don’t know if they’re coming or going.

    Its all because of greed. the promoters should be ashamed of themselves but why would they be when they stand to make an absolute fortune if they do go ahead.

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