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    I would love somebody to come in and weed my garden and tell me what to plant.

    I have a very small area.

    But i weeded it last week and they are all back..

    My mum( rip) was great in the garden.

    Any ideas


    As for weeds..ensure you have dug up the whole root and not just pulled out the leaves..

    Generally speaking try and plant things which will give you some colour all year round ( evergreeen/ annuals) and will grow bigger each year.

    Then have a few little tubs and hanging baskets in to which you can put plants such as pansies and summer bedding ( lobelia, snap dragons, petunias etc etc. To add saesonal colour and interest.!!These will die after flowering so keep them to little tubs and baskets- don’t try and fill your whole garden with them unless you have endless funds!!

    Lavender bushes are great for borders and smell lovely and Thyme is lovely too both of these have lovely smelling flowers in the summer.

    Jasmine grows well in a pot against a trellis near your door for a lovely smell.

    If you have a large ugly walled area to cover there is a vine called Mile a minute it is a russian vine and grows unbelievably fast, some people hate it but it is fab for covering grey walls!

    Fruit trees are very cheap and fun to grow for the kids, they have a good selection at homebase from around 10 euro for a good sized tree.

    A few bags of bark mulch put around the plants can make a garden very quickly attractive and also helps to keep weeds at bayp- especially if you put wet newspaper under it – just leave your plants popping out.

    A small space should not stop you having a lovely garden..try having a few shelves on walls /fences to put plants too.

    If your garden is very square resist the temptation to dig a border all the way around the edges as this makes it seem smaller and costs a lot to fill- instead make curved cuts in a non uniform way.

    Little stepping stones sunk in to the grass make a nice feature too- Oldbridge have some lovely animal and bird ones an not expensive either.

    Leave a few pots empty for the kids to plant sunflower seeds etc

    Hope this helps – any more q please pm me



    I have my hanging baskets and a wheelbarrow filled and some pots…
    The weeds are driving me mad


    Give it all a good dig then layer wet newspaper covered with bark mulch.


    it’s too early for hanging baskets as there’s still frost, so be careful, my fil is an avid gardener……

    oh tip for stopping the cats poo if ya get this problem, teabags with petrol on them then scatter around flowerbeds cats won’t poop, it’s the only solution my parents have come up with that’s successful……

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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