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    we’ve finally decided to go and get the garden sorted once and for all, get the french drainage in, the guy who’s doing it, is some worker, he has done fab work in just one day, has dug 6 trenches already all by himself, cleared the overwaste of earth and now for the gravel and soil and then grass again,

    anyone considering getting it done pm and i will forward you his details…

    we have had such a boggy back garden over the years, rotavating it, digging and redoing hasn’t helped but this was what we should have got done all those years ago, ah sure we live and learn, it looks a mess now but will be fab by the weekend….and we can have a lovely dry backgarden


    The only thing is the gravel traps, we have loads gone in, its only half done as dh is shattered and enjoying the break from the garden, should be finished next week… it is well worth doing


    i’d say he is wrecked it’s tough going….the trenches need to be quite deep in order to get the effect, they guy doing it is well used to the work and flying through it, and no spring chicken, i dunno where he gets the energy and strength from…..but it’ll be done i’d say by fri….then the turf toset and back to normality….


    God we drastically need this doing Scole..our garden is unusable from October to March , don’t know where the water comes from…

    If you wouldn’t mind pm me the guys details and how much he charges that would be great..would have to factor in cost of turf too…

    Be one to think about in a year or so


    hmm, will send you his number, he’ll be around i’d say this week

    ref costing not sure it’ll depend on your garden etc, as you can imagine every garden differs etc..

    we decided in the end to let grass grow by seed…

    but homebase was cheapest for the grass roll out but we went with b&q seed and wow it’s growing fast and healthy strong thick grass that seems to be coming up, have added miracle grow now it’s coming up hopefully to help it grow faster….


    hmm have sent you a pm

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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