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    any groups on over summer?any meet ups planned?the weather makes it tough entertaining a toddler all day!!!!


    hi Christina,
    welcome to the site. have not being on in a while. didnt hear of any toddler clubs happening around the place but the Cylbaun Hotel have a kids club running.


    Hi Girls,

    What we did to start groups in Louth/Meath was approach a nice airy coffee shop or restaurant (like the Bagel Bar) and asked them to host a monthly get together for us. We started off small but now we have a great group meeting every month,

    We asked the shopping centres to offer Mumstown parents free parking (which they do) and the Bagel bar gives us small bite sized bagels on the day too.

    This might work for you in Galway…as lots of parents & toddlers around your area I’m sure!! Hopefully some more come on to the site soon and you get your own regular get together started…


    Hi Galway Mums & Dads,

    If any of you fancy a get together once a month or so with the babies/toddlers, please reply here or PM me, lets get Galway events up and running!!


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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