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    It wasnt the time of the month? Sometimes i get transfered pain…. keep an eye on the dates and the pain, your scar tissue might be just flaring up at the time of the month


    I had my gallbladderremoved 4 years ago due to gallstones. I had a lot of pain before I had it removed and thought that once I had the op, I would be grand.

    I have been fine until recently but lately I have had the same pain on and off again. Its not as severe or regular as it was 4 years ago but can be quite debilitating when it happens. It is a sharp pain under the ribs and can make it hard to take in a full breath and I feel quite sick when it happens.

    Just wondering if anyone else had gall bladder out and then had subsequent pain afterwards? It is not happening often but has happened a few times and is enough that I was worried enough to go back to my GP about it.

    My GP sent me for blood tests so that should shed some light on what’s happening but just wondered if anyone on here been through something similar and has any opinions on it?



    could it just be scar tissue pain your feeling? Sorry i dont have a clue, hope the bloods come back okay


    been fine since that episode last week but worried it may come back again. had the bloods done so will wait to see what they say. hopefully its nothing major!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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