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    Parents of Gaelscoil Bradáin Feasa have organised a weekly pub night "As Gaeilge" for parents with children attending the Gaelscoil or those with children down to attend the Gaelscoil in the future.

    This is a unique opportunity for parents to socialise and use their Irish/learn Irish.

    When: Every Thursday Night starting from Thursday December 11th

    Venue: The Black Bull Pub has kindly offered their private "Garden Room" for this weekly event

    Time: 8pm

    go raibh maith agat!


    This is postponed til after Christmas due to the amount of people ill!

    Tis been a bad Nov/Dec!!!!


    Hi Jene,

    Is this pub night still on? I would love to come along but I just wanted to know if it was suitable for someone with no irish at all? (But a very eager and keen learner!)Also would you know if the school are doing lessons for parents? A couple of my friends have their children down for the school as well and I’m sure they would also love to come.



    Sorry, never get online!

    We are still waiting for the organiser to give OK for when this is starting back up (Pub). In regards to the classes…there are several. Wed nights 6-7pm is no Irish at all, 7-8pm is beginners (with Irish) 8pm is advanced conversational Irish. You can contact the school regarding the classes.

    I will let you know when pub night back on!


    Hi Girls,

    Not sure what’s happening with the pub night in the current climate but there is a coffee morning planned to help raise funds for the Gaelscoil and to bring parents together for a chat – as Gaeilge or as Bearla (English).

    This will be held in Bettystown Court Hotel, Friday 13th March from 9-12am so you can pop in anytime for a cuppa and a chat and get to know parents whose children already go to the scoil or are thinking of sending their children to the scoil.

    There is a voluntary contributiuon of 5 euro per person suggested

    Hope to see some new and familiar faces there!

    Go raibh maith agat,


    Who’s interessted in a pub night as gaeilge/english?
    B court or somewhere else.
    Was in B court for mumstown night, it was brilliant.
    I know only 10 words in irish, but could be good to have some more, as my daughter is now very good. She enjoyes her first year in gaescoil.



    Hi Fabienne,

    I would be into this might be a laugh, havent got much conversational irish but would give it a go


    I know it’s a post from last year, but maybe we could try to update it.

    If anyone around is interested can you add your name.
    I don’t have a word of irish but enjoy hearing it, and always ask for translation.
    Can say nil, ta, g raibh maith agat (only)

    Could be fun 😆

    Talk soon as gaelge or in english,

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