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    Never liked the idea of going away and leaving your Fur Baby in the cattery or kennels.

    Last minute travel plans,holidays or hospital stays are stressful enough, but finding someone to look after your pets while you’re gone can cause great anxiety for most pet owners.

    Long gone are the days of the dreaded boarding kennels, when you are staring into the big eyes of your pet and the look of ‘please don’t leave me here’ your eyes would well up.

    Thats why I am here offering an in-home pet sitting that keeps both of you happy.

    Pet sitting has become a popular choice for pet owners across the country because a one-on-one pet care solution is the next best thing to you being there.

    I will look after your Cats , Kittens and Guinea Pigs in your home , they will be loved and cared for just as if you were there

    Areas covered Meath & Louth


    pm for more info ;)


    That’s a great service.

    I’m lucky that my next door’s neighbour has a teenage daughter who mind our 2 cats when we’re away (not enough to my liking, but that’s a different story). Hope she’ll never move.

    I sometimes dog sit my friend’s dog who makes me happy because I’m a dog lover and have 2 cats at home.
    The other day one of her dog rested on my lap, I think I overstayed my welcome just to pet the dog a bit longer 😆



    Thanks Fabienne

    Love animals so this will be right up my road 🙂


    My brother and SIL did this for cats and dogs and they were so busy they had to turn people away…. i dont put my dog in Kennels, my brother will come here and walk and feed her, im sure she misses the company but at least she is in her own place and not in a kennels


    we used to leave our lads in kennels and it killed me..
    hate seeing those sad eyes.
    Now i get someone to come feed and play with them and they are as happy as larry.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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