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    went today with dh and dd and my niece it was great we all really enjoyed it, but think it is a bit dear in it was 9 euro with a 15 euro deposit pp for an hour and 20 mins thats to get changed and dressed again and then 15 cents for every min you go over time …think this will be a treat every so often cos i will be smashed and so will other familys if we went all the time :roll:


    That is a bit pricey Lisa! What is the 15 euro deposit for?? Was thinking of bringing DD there soon.


    hi all. went to the water park a few weeks ago, wasnt that impressed tbh. thought it was very expensive and they charge you the deposit so that if you go over even by a few mins they charge you out of that. had a toddler and two older ones with me the toddler was afraid and the older two were also a bit scared of the bigger water shoots.dont think i will be back too often its a shame as we were really looking forward to it opening. 🙁



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    Is that 9 euro per child? Even the under 2s? Do they do midweek specials? I’d love to be able to pop down there with the kids some afternoon but at nearly 30 euro for the 3 of us I’d have to think twice!


    ***** you wouldnt mind the 30 as its a good treat, but how the heck would you get 2 kids and yourself in and out in an hour and 20 mins…. You would nearly have to leave without a shower and half wet, but of a rip off alright. If it was 9 euro for 2 hours and this didnt count your drying time on the way out


    there’d be no point bringing d to it she needs an hour till her cast dries
    so i’d be bringing her home soaked, the prices are terribly expensive if your bringing a few people


    I think it’s a miss for me till dd. Although I had a peak and that hot tub looks FAB! Just have to wait till she’s a bit older:(


    the naq is € 14 per adult but there is no time limit – i’m not sure about the kids prices cos e is still under 2 so don’t pay for her. Was thinking of trying out the new centre in a few weeks will see.!


    my boys went last week with dh and they loved it. it would be only for a treat every now and again though as it is expensive. hubby ran over his time and it cost €38 all together. the only thing my youngest didnt like was when the water was released from the overhead buckets and the big head. it frightened the living daylight out of him, other than that they loved it.


    Went for my darling childs 7 birthday…had a great time. They all loved it. Yep a little expensive, but a different type of activity for them.

    The young man in charge of the party was great…well-trained and loads of fun. He was really engaging with the kids


    Starbright how did the pool party work, is there just a host or do the parents go into the pool too?


    Just going to ad a review as well….our experience was on whole positive but do agree not so good for under 3’s as the water just comes from everywhere,so was going to send a comment that maybe they could turn off some of the overhead water things at certain times so that the smaller ones wouldnt be so afraid…they are very fierce…….

    I dont usually go on any fairground rides but went here with my twin 10yr nephews & they tricked me into going on2 the one with the slide that goes all up the wall….you have never heard screams like it!! 😆

    would defo give it a thumbs up,much better than i thought it would be!! just not suitable for the very young…….


    friend of mine was there at the weekend and said same- good for older kids but definitely not suitable for the younger kids at all – so i’ll wait till dd is older and stick with Aquatic centre in the meantime – which my 19month old loves!!!!!


    we were there this morning.

    I entered a review for the section!! 😆

    Forgot i think to add in the review that I didnt like the water falling every where and I was worried about my contact lenses getting washed out and driving home blind!1( next time I will pack specs too!)

    At one stage absolutely tonnes of water fell on us , I think it is every 15 minutes a big drop happens in a particular part but actually all over the place there are bombs of water going off every few seconds!! I agree these should be turned off at certain times for younger children.

    Even in the small children side , there are power ful jets to get through to get up to the slide!!

    Have to say great fun though and dd put me to shame I didnt dare go down the slides and waited for her at the bottom 😳 😳

    Brilliant facility all round 😆

    P.S still havent quite forgiven them for the ball pool debacle though, I still reckon that kids and stairs dont mix 😥 😆 😆

    Might buy one of the loyalty cards they have advertised as I can see us spending a lot of time there in one part or another ove rthe summer.

    D was at a Birthday party there for the first time last Saturday and loved that too!

Viewing 15 posts - 1 through 15 (of 20 total)
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