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    hi girls
    me and dd were up in funtasia the other day and i had a big issue with the new seating arrangements for parents……..

    Before there were chairs downstairs which was perfect but now the chairs are gone and parents can sit upstairs and are kind of level with the top area of the play zone.

    my big issue with this was that once my dd saw where i was sitting she wanted to keep coming up to see me … the problem being the route from the ball pool to the upstais seating is up two flights of stairs in an area which is not observable either….. after the 5th time of her running up and down these stairs i lost the head and got the manager.

    sorry but kids shouldnt be running up and down stairs, and of course her and her new found pals found it the most intersting place to play in the world….I would nt let her play like a mad one on the stairs at home and am certainly not paying in somewhere for her to do it.

    And another thing what about when the parties are on upstairs..try keeping a 4 year old out of someones interesting looking party as the rooms are all open plan?????

    When i spoke with the manager she did nt seem too bothered by my worries that kids could easily tumble down the stairs and i was told i could sit on thereas she gestured towards the wooden shoe racks. Evetually she brought down a couple of chairs …….

    Also i like to be able to see the exit in that place as i dont believe when its busy that a child couldnt slip out with another adult unnoticed.

    So lots of issues… maybe I am crackers but I felt it ruined our afternnon.. I could not have my relaxing 1 hour reading my magazine as i was worried about my dd breaking her neck on the stairs or disappearing out of the door with some wierdo.
    I dont go to a play centre to be giving my child rules and regulations they get enough of that a t home .

    Rant over

    sorry :oops:


    my dd was the same on saturday she kept coming up to me and then when i sent her down she didnt remember what way she came up and when i broght her back down she said that wasnt the way she came into me 🙄


    yeah its a real pain rossy …my dd was spending more time on the stairs and was throwing tantrums as to why she cud nt play on the stairs like her new friends. A fall on those stairs could be fatal.
    Even when she did stay in the play area i couldnt relax as any bloody wierdo could be around downstairs or even in the stair well.

    Very poor idea.

    Worse still was being told i could sit on a shoe rack.

    Until i hear it is back to normal i wont be back


    Is the play area not inclosed anymore? 😕 😕 😕

    What about smaller kids? Sure the day we were all there, mumof2’s little fella only was in the place 1 minute and screamed the place down, they wouldnt give a refund at all, she had to ring another day to talk to manager….. dont think she ever did.
    I not joking the child didnt leave her arms and she left with him asap and still no refund ❗ 👿


    yes taylor the upstairs kiddies bit is the same as is the downstairs bit but now the kids have carte blanche to go up and down those stairs between the big area and the party zone / little kids area upstairs as parents are now seated upstairs.

    Not surprised Mum2 never got a refund, my concerns were not taken seriously at all.


    Just wait untill as child goes missing or a huge claim goes in for a cracked head on the stairs…. stairs and kids dont go well at all, no matter what age


    thanks for agreeing with me i thouht i had gone mad as she saw no danger at all 😕

    will def not go back till the proper seats are put back in downstairs


    God I can’t believethat they have done that – it doesn’t make any sense at all. I was there before with E and she got on okay (eventually) and the next time my childminder brought her along with her two children (5 & 8) and they wouldn’t let E in! Childminder wasn’t impressed and neither were her two children! I rang and complained and they said she must be small for her age (she isn’t) and that there wouldn’t be a problem in future and I could have a free cup of coffee….. ??


    i live very near to the place, i must admit i don’t like it at all bought ryan there a couple of times he is a bit young but in the play area they had a lion roaring all the time which frighted the life out of him. Also i thought it was very dark and agree with the seating for parents, would way prefare the kangaroo club or the new leisure centre


    yes it is very very loud in the whole place and lots of animals roaring etc. certainly not for the faint hearted 😆

    Will not forget the manager one in a hurry why should people get away with poor management skills . i would be fired in my job being as nonplussed as she was.
    pisses me off.

    Well i will certainly stick to the other two for the time being as i arent paying for another hour policing the stairs or sitting on a shoe rack.

    Granted i got a chair eventully 😕


    Ah Im sure you sat on worse! 😉 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    What happened to the consumer is alway right?


    true enough taylor but i havent usually paid for the privelege 😆


    these places don’t care they take money make money and that’s it…..the design with lions roaring area is for older children and if your child doesn’t like it tough…that’s their attitude…..
    it’s nice to bring the kids out to a play centre and you have to be open minded when it comes to noise level, seating darkness etc, unfortunately for some there isn’t the chance to sit and have a cuppa etc, you have to get in and play whether ya like it or not, and keep the eye on your child so you don’t end up in er…..the best place is astrotots you can sit and keep an eye….and staff are lovely

    as for the managers they don’t give a toss afterall no matter what they think of what they can improve unless the big boss gives the all clear their hands are tied and they probably have adopted the nobody listens to these complaints when i pass them on so i’m not what’s the point….

    sorry state of companies these days no PR…..


    after my cousin who was 4 at the time fell down the stairs at home a few years ago i’ve been wary of children on stairs they should have stair gates in those places just to show that they’re doing something….if they told me to sit on a shoe rack i’d set my mil on them…believe me shes scary if someone makes her mad and shes protective of her gran kids 😆
    they don’t seem to know anything about child safety, which you’d think they’d have to, to be running a child play center


    HMM you should have sat on it then fell off and sued the ass off them 😆 😆 😆 😆 😆

    I bet Mr Funtasia wouldnt be too happy to find out this is going on, I would ring Bettystown and ask to speak to the Manager there. This is there bread and butter looking after kids, so he wont be happy at all.
    I do have to say the manager in Astrotots is fab and she listens to what you have to say. I’ll second Scole love the place

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