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    Thought it would be nice to get a few funny stories up – we could all do with a laugh every now and then!

    So if you or someone you know had a funny thing happen to them while pregnant or when in labour, tell us and the best one will win a prize :D

    I’ll start it off. When I was about 8 months pregnant I was shopping in Blanchardstown Shopping Centre. I went to the loo (as I did all the time at that stage!) and unbeknownst to me, I left the ladies with my knickers tucked into my skirt and tights. I walked around for at least 20 mins before some kind woman tapped me on the shoulder and told me my knickers (i.e. Giant maternity knickers!!!) were on show to all :oops:



    No major dramas..

    On DS1 I nearly broke all the fingers in my husband’s hand. He still warns all first time dads that he encounters. ‘Take off wedding rings before you go in. Women are stonger than they look.’ From DS2 onwards, he only ever let me hold him by the wrists

    On DS2: The husband got pulled for speeding as we left the M1 – I think the sirens & blue lights to the hospital were a direct response to me bellowing at him as he hopped out, ‘Tell them the wife’s having a baby in the front of the car!’ DS2 arrived 45 minutes after arriving at the hospital, but not before I ended up kneelinga wheelchair, holding on to some poor porter by the wrists as he wheeled me up the stairs – and apologising profusely all the way for not being able to sit down!

    On DS3 (in another rapid & intense labour) I kept checking in a panic if my husband was beside me – until the gas and air ran out. To the nurses amusement, he was immediately sent packing to find another drum of gas….

    On DS4, 6 days overdue & with a history of rapid labours, my ob-gyn unexpectedly announced at the end of a routine visit, that as I was so close to going, she wanted me to go the hospital & have my waters broken. And what did I reply?
    ‘And then what? Do I go home & see what happens?’
    Amused response: ‘No, then you have a baby…’
    Dim, or what?


    On DD I went for my first appointment and we had a scan and then my DH asked her what happens next, meaning appointments, bloods etc… but she said ‘well Yvonne is going to get bigger and a bit bigger over the next few months and then she will go though a bit of pain and you’ll have a baby’….. ehhhhh ok!

    On DS – I was convinced I was going to another section, so was surprised when I went into labour 9 days early it was a surprise.. I was in denial the whole time that I was going to have a natural birth – and when we were in the delivery room, DH was asked to get the clothes for the baby, but for some strange reason he couldn’t find them – anyway the midwife came over and asked me where they were and I stupidly asked why, she said ‘you’re having a baby’….. oops!


    on ds it was progressing a bit too quickly and i was home alone with dd1, so i text my mother in law who only lived round the corner with this message "morning i think i’m in labour" 5 minutes later she was at my door, rang the hospital to inform them we were on our way, grabbed dd1 out of bed and with nothing else bundled us into the car back round to her house, handed dd1 over to my father in law (who never looked after a baby in his life) and broke ever speed limit in the town to get us to the hospital
    got upstairs got checked over got told i was going straight to the labour ward to have ds all the while trying to get dh to the hospital,, he was trying to get someone to replace him
    mil came into the labour ward with me, dh walked in justas his son was born, mil ran straight out and vows never to do that again

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