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    I’m a french teacher for primary schools, but not all school do french.
    So if your child and friends want to discover french throu fun and games before going to secondary school, now it’s the time.

    Fun with french is aimed at children aged 9 to 12. It’s 1 hour/week. I’m flexible. At the moment I’m thinking wednesdays 4.30 to 5.30.
    It’s 25 euros for 5 weeks.
    Small group, minimum 4 children, max 8. Location, Bettystown

    pm me for details.
    I’m also available for grinds.

    Spread the word even if it’s no interest for you at the moment.



    No interest?
    Does a different day would suit you better?



    I have a small group of friends from same class, doing french with me.
    They love it so much that when they came last week, they 5 weeks early told me that they won’t be availbale at the same time and wanted to know if I could do it earlier.
    I’m easy going so no prob with me, but then realised that they’ll be so busy with other activites that day that it owuld be too much for them. But they really didn’t want to give up.

    It makes me so happy to see so much enthousiam for french, and ther’re learning so much and so easily (young age, games done in french no real boring learning lists of words (still I can’t stand bad french grammar, so I make sure that nicely they get it right) and they are friends so relaxed atmosphere).

    At the end we did find a better day for them all.

    So if you want your child (age from 8 to 12) to try getting first french words with fun and perfect prononciation, check if they have friends who could be interested.
    Special offer 6 weeks for the price of 5. First week completly free.



    How about 8 and a 6 1/2 year old….would love my older 2 to start French- I used to do it in primary school, and I think the earlier you start the easier it is to pick it up…..they would have a few words from holidays but I’d love them to learn more


    I don’t mind setting up a younger group, as I agree with you the earlier the better.

    If there is enough interest, I’ll do it.
    I need a minimum of 4. As we do games, like memory, pairs, guess who type, it’s games that they know from a young age. The difference will be instead of having them to writte this down (they kids I’m teaching to really want to writte), I’ll just print out few pages. So easy peasy 😆

    Either talk to some friends, or I’ll see if anyone else is showing interest on Mumstown.

    Thanks for inquiering,


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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