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    Walking…with my ipod, love that. Just me bopping along to the music. probably look a bit daft but who cares??

    Jogging – can do a walk/jog combo…not one for just jogging!

    Anti-gravity yoga – you might think this is just faffing about in a hammock but its really hard. you can feel it working for days afterwards

    Step & bounce – loved this class when took it with Lab Fitness, I never sweat so much in my life and it really worked on my legs, arms etc.

    Housework – cleaning the windows & vacuuming and mopping are good ways to burn up a sweat, and feel good at the end of it as house is clean

    Doing the lovin’ – not sure how many cals this burns but its definitely one of the more funs ways to get some exercise in!

    Roller skating – this is brill fun and you can work up a good sweat. Funtasia has roller discos and the music really motivates you to get around the floor

    Seems everyone is on some sort of get fit regime at the moment, what are you doing to tone up and get in shape?? let us know if its anything quirky or fun…..


    i can think of a few fun ways to burn a lorra lorra calories 😉 😉




    I’ve gotten back into walking again, i normally manage to do approx 5k, which is a big deal for me cause those of you who know me know how unfit i am. Also there was a good workout dvd with the daily mail a few weeks ago that i’m really loving, just the right pace for me and the hoovering of course………….never ending in my house!

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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