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    Watch yourself: Its not unusual for us Irish to have some freckles or moles. But look out for any moles that change colour or shape, become larger, inflamed or itchy, that bleed or weep. These may be symptoms of skin cancer and you should have it (them) checked by your doctor immediately.


    The Facts of Sun Damage
    – The sun causes wrinkling, dry skin, blotches and premature ageing
    – There are 8000 new cases of skin cancer in Ireland every year
    – The damage can accumulate and may lead to skin cancer
    – Skin cancers are increasing especially in young people
    – Most skin cancers are linked to excessive exposure to sunlight
    – Most skin cancer are curable if treated early


    Who is at Risk?

    Everyone is at risk

    But the following are particularly vulnerable:

    – The fair haired, who burn easily.
    – People with a fair complexion.
    – Outdoor workers e.g. farmers, construction, firshermen, etc
    – People with a family history of skin cancer
    – All children. Their skin is extremely sensitive. The damage caused in children’s skin by sunburn over the years can cause skin cancer.


    Saw two fellas going for a swim last Friday on the beach, bare chested. It was really hot that day but what’s the bets they had no suncream on as they were like a pair of lobsters when they came out??? It always amazes me how people don’t think they need to protect their skin…..especially Irish people with pale complexions & freckles.


    I was at the beach all day on friday, i had a strapless top on at the beach with suncream, but while i was in the back garden and loading the car i had a top with straps, i had two white strap marks!! So the 15 mins while loading up i got burnt yet for the 6 hours out at the beach with suncream not a bit of sunburn…. that night i couldnt figure out the strap marks, then i remember i changed my top when i got to the beach


    Do you do suncreams for allergy sensitive children. My dd has particularly sensitive skin and errupts with alot of the creams on the market ….any ideas (she has food allergies and exzema too so that doesnt help)


    Elave do not have a specfic sun screen range currently – we plan to have one in the future. We do have a UV Daily Defence which is a SPF15+ (it probably would be as effective as SPF25) We also have a premium Elave Range called Dermo Cosmetic which we have an SPF45 in this range.

    It is particularly important for everyone to wear sun screen even on clouldy days – but for those of us with sensitive and very fair skin types it is especially important to avoid skin damage and childrens skin is very vunberable to damage through sunburn in the early years. Broken skin and open sores are at an even greater risk due to the sun exposure to the lower skin layers, and exposure to the sun could lead to scarring if not covered in factor.



    – Cool breezes can mask the effects of the sun. You can easliy be fooled into thinking that its not that hot, especially on the beach and coastal areas where its more inclinded to be cooler and breezer – the wind can mask the heat of the sun’s rays.

    – Do not drink alcohol if you intend to sunbathe. You could easily fall asleep and be badly burnt

    – Taking certain medicines can make your skin more sensitive to sunlight.

    Some anti-histamines, antibiotics, barbiturates and birth control pills can cause adverse reactions. Some perfumed preparations and cosmetics can cause similar reactiopns as can some industrial and agricultural chemicals.


    Burning damages the skin. Do not get sunburned. Never let children burn.

    If you do get sunburned did you know that the following household items that you may have in your cupboards, are traditional remedies for sunburn:
    – Vinegar – 2-3 cups added to a cool bath, spray directly onto skin or soak a cloth and apply to area
    – Tea – Apply cold tea bags, or soak in a cool bath with several tea bags
    – Dairy – Milk soaked cloth’s applied directly, 1 gallon applied to a cool bath. Natural/plain Yogurt applied directly
    – Aloe Vera
    – Baking soda – 1-2 cups applied to a cool bath, 1/2 cup mixed with water in a spray bottle
    – Oatmeal – soak in a cool bath with 2 cups of oatmeal
    – Cucumbers – sliced or grated to the area
    – Potatoes – Grated and applied – use as much of the juice as possible
    – Egg White – apply raw to the skin
    – Witch Hazel – Spray on
    – Honey – apply directly or mix with buttermilk and apply
    – Tomatoes – slices or grate and leave on the affected area

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