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    This is an unbelievable story, a fruit & veg importer claimed that some of his imports were apples, when they were in fact garlic in a bid to pay less tax. For some reason, the tax is much higher on garlic so he was trying to save a few quid by calling it apples. (tax on garlic 232% but tax on apples 9%!!!!)

    Ok, so in effect he was breaking the law but the tax is so much higher on garlic and our economy is in a dark place so it is understandable why he would do it. I am not condoning it but I understand it.

    When he was sentenced to jail for 6 years yesterday, I was shocked. Murderers and rapists get less time than that for truly horrendous crimes and as for the bankers who crippled the economy – well, have any of them gone to jail??? No they have not!!! But this poor man has been chucked in the slammer for a shocking 6 years for his crime.

    Yes he is guilty but he was paying it back, he already paid half of it back to them and I really think jailing him for that length of time is ridiculous.

    The crime should be punished accordingly – its just one more example of massive injustice in our country. makes me so mad. 😈

    Here is the story details…. … 42959.html


    It is hard to know how they come up with the length of time alright.

    However, if he had broken into a bank and stolen the amount he had defrauded the gov (and us) of, he’d prob have gotten twice as much.

    Theft is theft and just because you are in a suit doesn’t make it any more acceptable. He stole money from the country & went out of his way to do so. It was deliberate robbery again and again – from schools, hospitals, nursing homes, cancer treatment…. I have little sympathy for him. He knew exactly what he was doing and did it voluntarily and repeatedly,..

    Maybe a sentence like this will make other tax evaders think twice….

    That said, the sentences described above for rape and murder are horrendous….. The only dif I can see is that each of those was one event – spur of the moment maybe – while yer man just kept on doing it time after time on a massive scale….

    In America he would have been sentenced separately for every individual event of fraud – they’d have thrown away the key….

    I don’t necessarily think it is too harsh – just that some others are too lenient.


    well said, I totally agree. Its a joke.


    yeah its mad, you hear of some people getting less for manslaughter. the tax is so high because of EU legislation – France & Spain are the main growers of garlic in Europe but they lose out massively to garlic from China so all EU countries have to apply a (much) higher rate of tax to try to encourage supplier to use garlic from EU countries. the fact that it went on for so long & the amount invovled probably didnt do him any favours but it would be nice to see consistency in the length of jail sentences given out


    I know this family through an old job, i dont know them personally but they are so nice, really hard working family.

    6 years very extreme!!! what has this country come to?


    Its a shame, if there is a protest for his fella I’ll be in it. I went to school with a lovely girl whose husband murdered her and he will be out after 7 or 8 years. Its a joke.


    i know a guy who raped a girl i know, he got 18 months, 12 were suspended!!! So rape a girl and get 6 months…. she has to live with the result of that rape for life!
    Justice system so fecked up in this country!


    how can you explain the fact that tax on an apple is 9% and on garlic its 232%??? The system is faulty. Yes, what he did is wrong and he deserved to be punished but it does not warrant 6 years in jail.

    Lets be honest, how many of us have sneaked a few bottles of booze or packs of cigarettes in to our suitcases on the way home from a holiday and not declared it?

    I remember being on a trip to the US with work and bringing home lots of clothes & make-up that I got really cheap over there and when I was asked if I had anything to declare I said no. Should I have paid tax on those things? Maybe I should have – but I think I pay more than enough tax here already!

    The bankers crippled the country; they lied, stole and defrauded us all and has so much as one of them gone to jail – no!

    The government lied to us and cheated us and have any of them been held accountable – no.

    Its one rule for one and one rule for another.

    A girl who was in my class in school is laying in a grave because her husband murdered her, he planned it and prepared for it and claimed the life insurance from her death to do a legger. He was gone out of the country for months before being eventually caught & extradited home and he will be out in a lousy 7-8 years.

    What about Larry Murphy – if he had not been caught when he was, there is no doubt he would have murdered that poor woman up in the wicklow mountains but because he did not kill her, he is now a free man after only serving a few years. and he did not do anything in prison to reform himself so its most likely he will do it again and next time, he will be careful not to get caught.

    How can someone like that serve around the same amount of time as a fruit & veg man who evaded some taxes?

    If the government had a clue how to spend our taxes maybe we would be more outraged but look at all the ridiculous expenditure still going on, like the fella who spent thousands and thousands on ink – is he in trouble for squandering money, er no!!

    I feel bad for this fella and his family. The judge even made special mention in court of all the work he did for charity and the fact he employed people and was in all other ways a decent citizen.

    Its just another inconsistency in our messed up country.


    I’m not disagreeing with you about the length of time some people serve for murder, rape etc. In a lot of cases it seems far too lenient.

    I agree that bankers etc should be held to account.

    I have no idea why garlic is higher in tax than apples.

    BUT they are separate issues. To connect them is illogical & simply muddies the waters of a very important debate. A rapist could get off lightly, so we should let tax evaders off with a slap on the wrist?? That wouldn’t make sense…

    Your man who was tax evading wasn’t pockecting a few quid here or there. He wasn’t a housewife trying to make a budget stretch a bit further to supply the basics for her kids. He was a man who stole hundreds of thousands of euro and pocketed them so that he could have more luxuries.

    Because of men like him ALL of the REST OF US have to make up for it.

    You’re talking hundreds of thousands of euro extra that I – and others like me – have to pay instead, just so that he could keep his Merc or whatever.

    We have to grow up in this country – we can’t on the one hand, say, ‘Boo hoo, they’re shutting the paedriatic units’ and then turn around and say, ‘Oh, so you deliberately stole hundreds of thousands from the exchequer, well, that’s ok. Just don’t do it again’ .

    A sentence like that certainly makes us sit up and pay attention. It will probably be reduced on appeal – but maybe the message will go out that it is not OK to CHEAT, to give yourself an UNFAIR advantage over honest competitors, to have your lifestyle subsidised by those who earn a lot less than you just beacuse you wear a suit.

    A robber is a robber regardless of the clothes he wears or the accent he has or the school he attended (and that goes for BANKERS too!)

    (Nothing like some hearty debate on a Tuesday morning!! 😆 )


    You can always tell when I am sleep deprived – I go off on the odd rant!! Sorry about that pookie, just drives me nuts when there are inconsistencies like this in our ‘justice’ (cough cough) system 🙄

    If my 7 month old does not start sleeping better soon my friends & family may start to avoid me altogether for fear of me snapping the heads off them!

    When I think of how the tax is spent it makes my blood boil….Today I was at my children’s school and after much hard work and lobbying, we have finally been added to the list to have a permanent school building built. So far, the dept of education has spent a whopping 2 million+ euro on prefabs and now we are finally going to get a permanent school building but….for some strange reason, this will not happen until 2015/2016????

    Because the school is growing, the dept of Education in all its infinite wisdom has decided to spent a further 800,000 expanding the prefabs and then in 2015/2016, they will tear all that down and build the permanent structure at a cost of 800,000. 😕

    Why not employ some out of work builders now and get cracking on the proper school instead of wasting time & money on a temporary building??

    Can anyone see any sense at in all in this – and this is where our taxes are being spent. It makes tax evaders seem like smart people!


    With you on the sleep deprivation – inspires many a rant here too! But is good to get things off our chests. Saves messy explosions….

    Wasn’t being personal or anything, Sabbi, re tax evader-man rant ….

    Oh don’t get me started on the DES. The latest is that children with borderline or mild mental handicap & dyslexic children are not entitled to any extra help at school, but kids with a speech and language problem or dyspraxia or adhd are. WTF??? Why???? What is the logic of this???? Mutter, mutter, grumble….


    I hear what your saying pookie and yes he did rob from schools, hospitals etc… but he is paying it back at over a thousand a day.

    Over the past few days there have been two cases, one of a young woman who got into her car in a drunken/drugged up temper and drove into a poor man and crushed him to death!! She got less then 6 years.. also a man who had sex with his daughter for many many years, i think he got four years!!! Yes that man should have gotten a conviction, but 6 years is very very wrong!


    Don’t think it was too severe for him – just that the other ones were far too bloody lenient.

    As for the rapist daddy – it should be like America – you should get a sentence for each time the crime was perpetrated, not just bunk them all together. Guys like that shouldn’t get out EVER

    And as for the parole / early release business….. Grrrrrrr

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