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    there is plenty of compagnies that do calendars with added personal pictures, all is done online
    Sure there is one in USA.
    You can have 1 large picture / month plus some smaller in each month.
    It could be pictures of you and her, your family and common friends.
    So everyday she’ll remember you.

    I did the calendar for my family in France for Xmas 2 years ago, they loved it.

    It’s under 20 euro post included.
    And it was good quality paper and pictures.


    ok i’ve a friend abroad her birthday coming up the big 30, so want to send her something but at a loss as to what…gotta be something easy enough to send to USA and keeping in mind it’s the USA

    anyone any ideas…


    My sister is in the states – i fill a shoe book with treats – sauces. soups, choclates , pj’s , socks etc . jewellery is good to put in – normally costs about €15 to send


    mmmm an idea….i know she loves musicals, she was the one who introduced me to beauty and the beast disney movie loved it…might think of a little box of memories and stick a cd in, and some old pics…anything irish you reckon


    I got a newbridge key ring in Carrig Donn, put the kids photos in it (he is the god father to 1) he loved it…. if you buy from an american site and post to her from there is worth thinking about


    never thought of that most places in usa offer free shipping so that’s a thought now what to get that is the question…

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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