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    My butcher, in south gate shopping center is great, great meat, great prices.
    And now he’s making french merguez! It’s a french/north africa spicy sausage made from lamb and don’t know.

    He made the first batch wednesday, I tried it yesterday, they’re delicious.

    Go and ask him.

    I hope you’ll try it, he’ll keep making it if people like it. I was the 3rd french to buy it, but I’m sure not only french but also irish will enjoy it.

    By the way, each time I goes I have my bone with marrow (I was asking about it few months ago on this website, was send by someone to that butcher, and now it’s the only place I’ll go for my meat).

    If you try, tell me.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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