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    As you may know I’m a french french teacher.
    Every year, I’m annoyed, in my kids school they offer after school french lesson with a teacher who is not fluent in french.
    Now got a text from the school this class is already full for this year. So parents want their children to do french, would it not be better getting it with the correct accent and more from the beginning?

    In the previous years I did offer to the principal to do french in the school free of charge, she never took on my offer, now I did stop offering, but of course if she was to ask me I’ll do it.

    It is my job, I’m teaching french in a primary school, locally (Drogheda), just not my children school. :?

    So if you want your child to learn french, I’m willing to set a group for children from 1st class onward at a very reduce rate.
    40 euro for 10 weeks (starting monday 19th 4pm, halloween break).

    If you’re interested, pm me.

    I’m also available for any kind of french grinds, lessons, no matter if it’s to be ready for exams, or have few words for your next holiday in France, or just because you like the french language.

    A bientot,


    40 euro for 10 weeks is a fantastic price, fair play to your Fabienne.

    I am interested in that for my two children, aged 6 & 8. If you get a group together please let us know. Wednesday afternoon would be good for us.


    Wednesday 4 to 5 is possible if I get more interest.
    I would prefer a minimum of 4 children, and maximum of 8.
    My own children (nearly 6 and 7+) will be with me.
    If I have a large group I can have them minded, if small group can’t afford the childcare fees.
    But because they speak french, I did some classes with them, they play the games (french is taught throu games, like go fish, memory and more), and other children enjoy it and copy them, so I need to use less english, more french.
    They hear, guess and copy what they have to do without need for too much translation.

    After 10 weeks, what will your child have?

    – able to introduce him/herself (name, age, siblings…)
    – colours and numbers of course
    – real french accent
    – farm animals
    – ask and answer favorite animal, colour

    so it’s not just a list of vocabulary it’s using those new simple words in questions and answers.



    The last time we went to Spain our children started talking Spanish within a few days. They had so much confidence and could pick it up easily so it would be great to get them some French too.


    Sabbi I did not get enough interest to go ahead with a class a french for children.
    Anyway if in few weeks I get more interest I’ll start one group.


Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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