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    I’m a french teacher in two local primary schools (meath and louth).
    I also give private grinds with a difference.
    First I’m from south of France, so my accent is a bit french (so french that even in France people will know where I’m from).
    Second I try to bring in my class a bit of my origin (culture awareness…) and more importantly I will adapt every single class to your needs.
    It can be for a exam, or just to be ready for your hol in France, or translation, or for children, or for parents to be able to help thier children in school ….
    One session or more, depending on your aspirations.

    If you want to know more pm me.

    A bientot,



    why not see if you can get some who have their exams coming starting in a few weeks, so may be tight but worth the try anyway….


    If you’re interested in french lesson / grind.
    If you quote Mumstown, I’ll give you the first class for free.
    You can ask around for ref so many people knows me, or you can ask me, but of course I will tell you all the good reports I had. Never heard of anyone unhappy, but either they don’t say, or they don’t exist 🙂
    Think they don’t say it’s not possible to please everyone
    Hope to hear from you soon.


Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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