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    Why is tummy time important?
    Tummy time can help your baby to develop strong head, neck and shoulder muscles and promote certain motor skills. Babies move from side to side on their tummies which helps them learn how to reach and crawl. Tummy time can also prevent the back of your baby’s head from becoming flat (positional plagiocephaly). Balance and co-ordination, vision and hand-eye co-ordination are enhanced during tummy time also.

    You can start by laying your newborn on his or her tummy across your lap two or three times a day for short periods of time. Placing the new born baby on your chest while you are lying on your back or sitting reclined may be a great way to play as they try to lift their head to see your face.

    As your baby grows stronger, place him on a blanket on the floor – firm, flat surface is recommended. Use age appropriate toys and place it within baby’s sight/reach -mirrors, brightly coloured and moving toys will encourage baby to lift their head.

    As your baby gets used to tummy time, place your baby on his or her stomach more frequently or for longer periods of time. For a 3 to 4 month old baby, some research suggests aiming for at least 20 minutes of tummy time a day.
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    What’s the best time for tummy time?
    It is important that your baby is comfortable and relaxed so try tummy time after a nap and nappy change or incorporate it into the baby massage routine stroking baby’s back while he lies on his tummy. After a bath may be a perfect time for babies who enjoy it and are calm and relaxed afterwards.

    Important points to remember:
    – Make sure your baby is awake and is never left alone on his tummy
    – Use flat, firm surfaces
    – Begin tummy time as early as possible
    – Slowly build up tummy time increasing length and number of times per day
    – Always place a baby to sleep on their back to reduce risk of SIDS
    Not all babies like going on their tummy at first and they may cry. Starting tummy time with just a few moments about three times a day and taking it from there aiming for 3-5 minutes slowly building up to longer sessions might be just the right way to go.

    November Special Offer
    Free U Mamma Therapy of your choice (30 min) with every Prenatal Physiolates Course booked for 13th November!
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    For additional informational call our U Mamma Team on 01 2014900 or email at


    Thanks Mumstown for putting up our article. This is written by our U Mamma Women’s Health Physiotherapist Anna Poznanska. Any questions please let us know. xx

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