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    Hi Girls,

    China is one of the worst country that records forever has No Human/Animal Rights..

    i think the poor people in china will forever suffer

    while the rich and corrupted ones will always side with their rotten Govt..

    Really pity those Tibetans…they should free Tibet

    They were now force against their will to study patriotism for Cruel China..

    its really sad now thoseprotestors being arrested in Tibet
    their fate is probably Tortures,Their Organs being Taken away illegally..
    or Life Firing squad ….. :(

    China is a Big Bully in this world!

    Olympics shouldnt be Held in China at all see the way theY treat its own people and Now Taking Control of Peaceful Tibet and Tibetans by force..

    and worst accused the Dalai Lama of starting the Riots…

    dont think i will ever want to visit a country like "Cruel China"…even if i had free air-ticket…. :roll:

    unless they have Real Human Rights and Animal Rights dont think it will happen at all…in a Communist Country


    Very well said

    I think its a shame about the olympics being tarnishted by China but if it wasnt for the Olympic torch being attacked it wouldnt be on Sky news every 5 mins….. so the Olympics being in China is bringing the international media onto its door and highlighting what is going on in Tibet.

    The world leaders WILL NOT act against China as it would have a huge impact on Imports and exports all over the world, we depend too much on China for anyone to stand up against them


    i got shudders reading this,so so cruel isnt it…but what can we really do to help??? wish so much i could all i can think of is to send healing to the poor people of Tibet.

    Had a past life in Tibet so fel very connected for some reason!!!

    is there anything anyone knows that as an individual we can help??


    Hi Taylor5,Moonflower,

    Yes its time the whole world wake up to Freedom and Free Speech.. 😛

    For Tibet and its Peaceful People the Tibetans.. 🙂

    People say boycott theirproducts ..but how many items are made in china these days… 🙄

    As an indivisual… We can opt not to go and visit Cruel a holiday destination. 😉



    have no interest in going to China,there are some countries in world where i do not get a good feeling about how people & animals are treated……but its just so hard to boycott products…as so many items r made in China….

    China is a threat to us all I believe,but just by thinking about how there really is not much we can do 2 change things up against such a powerful nation shows what the poor people in Tibet are up against…..


    Hi Moonflower 🙂

    one of my friend actually went to a restaurant in china and they say this is something you must try guess what its DOGs meat … 😯
    my friend decline it of course ,,,,,,,
    that is something i cant comprehend with them… 🙄


    When i think of china i dont think of nice calm chinese music with running streams and herbal teas, i just straight away see dirty streets of markets, young girls out protestuting, little girl babies disowned, traffic chaos, big tall buildings everytime there is a documentary on about China its about all these things never about the actual nice parts of China. So people have a bad opinion of the place anyway.


    Hi happymammy, 🙂

    China has also some amazing scenery which is very tempting… 😛

    but the thoughts of knowing they hav no HUman or Animal rights..

    my thoughts of visiting china just vanish in a sec…

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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