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    just for anyone who has sky but not movies there’s a free movies this weekend…so enjoy


    It starts fri 29th at 6pm finish monday 1st at 4.15am.
    It seams to be only channel 303 and 314 (sky showcase HD)

    Correct me if I’m wrong.

    So it’s not this WE but next.


    Friday 29th October

    6pm Race To Witch Mountain
    8pm Gran Torino
    10pm Role Models
    11.45pm Push
    1.45am Gran Torino
    4.25am Stone Of Destiny

    Saturday 30th October

    6.15am You’re So Cupid
    8am Rugrats In Paris: The Movie
    10am Cats & Dogs
    12pm Race To Witch Mountain
    1.45pm Alex Zane’s Guest List: Simon Pegg
    2.15pm Paul Blart: Mall Cop
    4pm Cats & Dogs
    fast & furious 4 34Fast & Furious6pm Confessions Of A Shopaholic
    8pm Fast & Furious
    10pm Paul Blart: Mall Cop
    11.45pm Transporter 3
    2.05am Fast & Furious
    4.05am You’re So Cupid

    Sunday 31st October

    6.10am Coraline
    8am Bedtime Stories
    10am Confessions Of A Shopaholic
    12pm Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season 3, Episode 1
    12.30pm Star Wars: The Clone Wars – Season 3, Episode 2
    1.20pm Bolt *Special showing courtesy of Disney Cinemagic*
    3pm A Bug’s Life *Special showing courtesy of Disney Cinemagic*
    4.40pm Brother Bear *Special showing courtesy of Disney Cinemagic*
    Bedtime Stories 11Bedtime Stories6.15pm Coraline
    8pm Bedtime Stories
    9.45pm Seven Pounds
    12am Righteous Kill
    1.45am Forrest Gump
    4.15am Stone Of Destiny


    Race to witch mountain is a brilliant movie for both adults and kids.

    Coraline is brilliant but a bit scary for younger kids, my ds1 5 loves it

    Bedtime stories is SO funny the guinne pig with huge eyes is brilliant 😆 😆 😆



    I dont have movies….if I record these will they stay???


    No if you record on sky+ you may not be able to see it after the WE.
    You’ll need to transfert it on dvd.


    No if you record on sky+ you may not be able to see it after the WE.
    You’ll need to transfert it on dvd.

    ooooh explain how we transfer it to dvd????????? 😀 what do i need??


    Aw 🙁
    Dont have a dvd recorder…..might invest in one soon tho!


    Thats great to have free movies! You think they would let everyone know about it properly!

    I had some recorded before we lowered the package we had and couldn’t watch them when it went, grrr!!!
    DVD recorder is a great idea though!


    Think they are doing another offer, you just ring up and get a saturday night box office movie for free (in hd) inception, cats and dogs 2…. cant remember the other one… valid till the 14 or 15 of nov…


    Taylor…. how does the box office thing work? Can you see it on the site somewhere? Can’t seem to find it?


    Chewieodie i seen it on Sky, it as on about 3 to 5 days ago. I only seen the advert once and havent seen it since…. and i’ve been looking out for it… will have a look on the sky site or i will ring them as i was interested as we have never ordered a box office movie before and a free trial would be nice


    To transfert it from the sky+ box onto a dvd:

    You need a DVD burner or a computer That can take a video input from a TV scart.

    – You need to connect the scart output from the sky+ box to your DVD recorder input connection.
    – Then you go in the planner of Sky and select your program.
    You have to see the additional option (press the right arrow) and select copy (yellow button). You can select more than one program to copy at once.
    – When your are done, press select a couple of times on one of the selected programs and it will start the recording.

    There are just 2 things:
    – It only allows recording in normal video mode, not in HD.
    – While showing a recorded program, you cannot watch anything else. So I tend to start that at night before going to bed. That allows sending 2 or 3 movies at the same time, as I can then split them on my DVD recorder.

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