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    Parents – very little information from the government regarding this scheme but it is starting in Jan my niece qualifies and I know Playmates Montessori school has applied for the scheme as that is where she will be going. Her Mam has to pay from sept to Dec and than its free in Jan it not means tested every child is entitled to it which is great news. Think all should be looking around now to see if places are available because once the news gets out there will be a huge demand on the pre schools that have applied. Playmates Montessori in Bachelors lane and Peter pan in bryanstown I no have applied not sure about any other. :lol:


    hi all

    the naionra in Julianstown and Little JOeys has also applied for this scheme too, most childcare settings wont know until mid sept if theyre accepted.


    cute ‘n’clever kids have also applied for this aswell


    Wheaton Montessori Academy off dublin road in wheaton hall has also been accepted for the ECCE scheme now taking bookings 041-9848288


    Iwas just wondering but the child has to be 3 years before they quailify for the free preschool dont they?


    i think its 3 years and 6 months up to 4 years and 6 does not seem to be as straight forward as was thought.the playschool my ds goes to was sure it would get the scheme but now it seems not.he loves where he is so i would find it very hard to move him to somewhere else after sure im not the only one is this situation so even though my ds would have been intitled to free year he wont benefit from it because the dept seem to be changing the criteria to suit themselves.


    Thanx angelmum for that info. That is terrible not all the playschool are not doing it. The gov are really not considerin people they are jus out for themselves. Its terrible.


    Montessori "COOL 4 KIDS" Riverbank,Rathmullan Road-just few free pre-school places left!Contact:041-9833019.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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