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    Parents – very little information from the government regarding this scheme but it is starting in Jan my niece qualifies and I know Playmates Montessori school has applied for the scheme as that is where she will be going. Her Mam has to pay from sept to Dec and than its free in Jan it not means tested every child is entitled to it which is great news. Think all should be looking around now to see if places are available because once the news gets out there will be a huge demand on the pre schools that have applied. Playmates Montessori in Bachelors lane and Peter pan in bryanstown I no have applied not sure about any other. Laughing


    This is sooooo good school, my daughter whent there for a year when we came to Ireland. She had great fun there, and she learned a lot, they put basics in her so she started juniors after one year allready (she needed to learn english,learn new country,sociate etc)
    At Christmas they did a play in Church , and she had many other interesting events in school.
    I am amongst those who put allready my little sons name there (he will start in 2011) 😀 Ooooo i reccomend this place ❗


    The preschool Little Treasures on the Dublin Road is in this scheme, I will be paying 65euro a week (mon-thurs) from september to Dec, then A will be going 5 days and no cost to me at all…. Oh happy days! Well make the most of it now in theory as come Dec it might be knocked on the head and the country will be bankrupt 🙄

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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