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    anybody know more on this, i got the guide but it is not explained in plain english for the brain dead :lol: (being me!)
    Can you send your child to school to the value of €48.50 and pay the difference for the rest of the week???

    Anyone any info for me?? :roll:


    Hi lawlesses, as far as I know you are not allowed to pay difference to the school. The school just gets paid by the governement. Its €64.50 for five mornings/afternoons of three hours per day.


    No you dont pay the extra if they join the scheme they are joining agreeing to provide 3 hours care 5 days a week for 65 euro….


    But there is something about full daycare services being able to charge additional amounts for extras…if you go onto the Louth County Childcare website it has the info there…I know of a number of people sending their children to preschools in full daycare settings and having to pay on top!!!!


    If they are doing the whole day you pay the extra, but if they are only doing 3 hours you dont pay anything more…. A’s old playschool said I’d have to pay 25 euro a week from Jan for the extra hour a day

    super minder

    full day services dont get full money money of 65 euros.
    part time playschool does . so if in full time you need to pay balance pet.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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