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    Hi all,

    I tried to place my ds in play school this September, wrote and rang my local play school and was very upset by the response i got from there.
    they asked me his age(3 last April) and that’s as far as i got. she went into a whole speech about the government free places and how she wishes to keep her play school private.She promised to send me out the forms but never did. i knew that he would be eligible but i didn’t think it would hold him back. He used to go to an excellent play school in Drogheda and i was sorry i took him out. I had a baby last year and thought it would be nice to have both children at home. DS has become very clingy since. :?

    I found out that an open day for the children going in September was held during the week. I was still kinda hoping she would contact me.

    I just need to have a rant and apologize in advance. i found her treatment of me and my son very upsetting. To cut us of without giving usa chance. :cry: I would have paid……

    Is this a form of prejudice?????


    That sounds really odd and rude. Is there any chance you could get him back into the other playschool. This "free playschool place" is going to cause chaos


    hi jayne,what exacially was she saying to you,i didnt fully understand.was she saying she wasnt going with the scheme or did she just want to pick and choose.if she was,would you really want to leave your little one there.i always think if someone treats you like that she will also treat the kids whom she is supposed to be caring for the very same so leave her to god.if she’s not entering scheme to offer free preschool places then she is not doing herself any favours as this is an entitlement for kids 3yrs6 months and 4yrs6months sure you will find a lovely place so try not to worry and dont give her another thought.


    😥 `Hi Jane,

    Thats terrible. The ECCE scheme doesn’t distinguish between private and community creches. Every child between 3 and 3months and 4 and 6 months are entitled to funding! I have a play school and if anything it helps us out. The recession has hit childcare very hard because unemployment has risen unfortunately a lot of parents are available to mind their own children hence the down turn for the childcare sector.

    i find it disturbing that a provider would have such a bad attitude. It makes us all look bad! We are providing a service and every child is entitled to the best care available. I hope you get what you are looking for.

    Best of luck

    super minder

    gill im with you there. im a very small playschool and its hard enough to get children at the moment.


    thanks everyone,

    She said she wasn’t going with the scheme. Such a shame as child care costs is sometimes why some parents can’t work too.
    i got him into Jelly Tots on Rathmullen rd. it’s right beside my mother and he started yesterday. he loved it and can’t wait to go again.

    her attitude was the complete opposite. she actually felt she could help people get of unemployment by having more children. 🙂

    and your right i don’t want him to go anywhere were there is any sort of discrimination.

    sometimes whats best isn’t what we thought it would be.


    That’s great!

    I would always say to parents that they best way to judge if a place is right is by the child themselves. Sounds like you have found the right place for your child.

    Best wishes

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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