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    I hear you lellykelly. I have a deal with my sister when we visit her house – she’s not responsible for anything that happens to my kids in her house & I’m not responsible for anything that happens to her house while my kids are there!

    Good to know of things that are coming up. I so often only hear about events AFTER they have happened….


    Just a quick summary of some of the things we got up to over the last couple of days. As my group is all young kids we tend to go, see, leave fairly quickly to avoid boredom.

    Thanks for vouchers to Reptile Zoo in Funtasia, Sabbi. Went with another mum & 5 kids (2 under 3were free, vouchers paid for other 3 kids). It was E10 for the 7 of us in total, so can’t complain. The experience was lovely. They got to touch some of the animals like a big lizard & a huge tortoise & there is the chance to handle others on the hour every hour. The two year old was fascinated by one snake who was climbing up the glass. I loved the gecko. The camouflage is amazing. It is not very big, but nice. Aug 31st last date. The only negative bit was wading through the slot machines etc on the way – a bit of nightmare with so many small kids. 30min+

    Then we called in to the Marlmount(?) Tower in Drogheda on way home. Skipped the museum part as thought kids simply too young (all under 7) but they gave us a family ticket for E6 and the man who brought us up to the top of the tower was very child friendly & patient. He sensibly reduced the guided tour to the basics & answered every question they asked, no matter how silly. The kids were very impressed. Full marks! 30 min+

    On Sunday we went to Monasterboice Tower & High Cross. Nice & free & then we went to Old Melifont Abbey where there was a treasure hunt for kids (find Malachy Monk) which was nicely done & then tile painting for the whole family. This was followed by a brewing demonstartion of brewing from the middle ages (we didn’t last this long!) – all for free

    Also on Saturday the museum in Dundalk is also very reasonable for an extended family group (age 5 up, I’d say). Not much for kids to break! 1 hour.


    With my kids we tend to go, see and leave fairly quickly before any damage is done or other peoples peaceful day out is disrupted!! 😆 the laytown races are on Tuesday week & while its not free into the enclosure, there’s loads of fun to be had on the beach while its on.

    Oldbridge house also has great free event for families there’s o e coming up on sept 20 with stilt walkers fire eating etc….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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