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    Hi all,

    here i go again….found another dog yesterday on Mornington estuary…

    Big white dog with brown patches/boxer/staffie/labrador cross.

    Female,young,friendly.Had a brown collar on with a broken chain lead still attached,so i am hoping she broke her lead & her owners are looking for her..

    She has a cable tie attached to her collar to keep it in place.

    i think may come from mornington as have seen someone walking her…

    if anyone can give me any clues to find owner please help…

    Many thanks…

    Moonflower x



    Have you still got the dog??

    If you are still looking for the owners I would:

    Contact: Drogheda Animal Rescue- they can scan her to see if she is micro-chipped

    Local vets- especially Westgate as thay have a clinic in Laytown 9838718

    LMFM- they will put it in their local bulletin

    Good Luck!



    Yes,done that and also the guards.

    She is now with Drogheda Animal Rescue,as I really couldnt keep her for many days as two of my dogs kept attacking her and she was such a lovely sweet dog that I didnt want her to turn nasty in retaliation….especially with her staffie breeding she woudlnt be given any second chances bless her…

    I so hope her owners find her….if not she will make a fantastic pet for an active older family…

    If you ever do lose a dog anyone,

    As Leah says…

    Please contact Drogheda Animal Rescue 041 9832418
    Local Vets
    Put posters up in local shops & lamposts etc
    Contact Louth Dog Warden 042 9382398 and Meath dog Warden 046 9021581

    These are all things i do each time I find a dog and to tell truth only 1 owner has ever come forward….shocking the amount of people who abandon their dogs or just dont bother looking for them!!

    I think today i will contact Drogheda Independant/leader about Holly (name i gave this dog) as couple years ago i had a dog for over 3 wks & eventually foudn her owners through Drogheda Independant article!



    Ah she sounds like a lovely dog, will check if she is up on the site later. Im the very same with Dotty being half staffie, I try to keep her away for suitations where she might attack. She is such a lovely soft dog and my ds kills her, staffies are brilliant with kids…….. but a neighbour lets her dogs roam the street (rang dog warden twice about them) and dotty was in the garden with ds and dh one day and these two dogs attacked her, they almost came in the hall after her, when she seen this other dog near ds a whole different dog came out, she gave as good as she got then after the two dogs ran off she ran straight to ds to make sure he was ok.

    My dh might kill me but I might have a look at this dog


    When we found her on beach she played lovely with my Ds,taylor. Also very good natured,my naughty terrior snapped at her & she ran and hid behind bushes in our garden.

    so have a look Taylor 🙂 would recommend her if someone is comfortable with staffies,and apparently like you say staffie crosses are very good natured.



    Owners still not been found for lovely Holly,bless her…

    She will be going into Drogheda Leader thsi week appealing for her owners to come and find her or a new family to love her…

    She is a lovely dog…. 🙂



    Hi Girls,

    how is the dog now?
    Hope thedog will find A Good Home again. 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


    She is doing great,unfortunately not able to stay with us until a home as found as i said before not due to her bless here but due to my naughty dogs who keep snarling at her…….

    Drogheda Animal Rescue do a great job in caring for animals…..but funds are again at an all time low…so will be on to you girls soon if you have any fund raising suggestions???

    Moonflower xxx

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