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    Hi girls
    Just looking to you for some advice…
    Ds2 got the all clear from the hospital last week and consultant said he can go forward facing along with his peers, I have a rearward Mothercare car seat which does up to 10kg… ds2 is now just over 24Ibs which is over 10kg, he is just gone 10 months but he still has a slight weakness in his neck but getting better everyday… .. I was going to keep rearward for as long as poss but if he’s out grown his seat it might be safer to turn him forward.
    Would love your advice on what age you think is okay to face forward and at what age you turned your babies forward
    Thanks in Advance


    I turned my babies at 9 months – all 3 of them.

    Hope that helps – btw, thats great news he got the all clear!!!


    Hi taylor,

    it is ok to leave them rear facing as long as the car seat fits them, When you go to but your new one, just get one that can be used both dierections, Then when you feel you LO can forward face, turn him around



    Hi Taylor, delighted for you that he got the all clear!
    Is his head out of the seat? I was told in Mothercare as long as there heads aren’t over the top they can stay in them rear facing ones – its ok for the legs to dangle over…. hope that helps a little.


    i have the britax elvola put ds 1 in when he was just over 6 months i think, he was 20lbs so mot sure if was 6 or 7months but he could hold his head….and still in the same seats and now 3.5yrs…have to take harness off now though as getting taller and have to higher seat….i think this time when ds2 is able to hold head up and support it and weighs over the 20lbs could be in afew weeks teh rate he’s going lol…but seriously when he’s about 6 months or when outgrows head wise his carry tot then will put in forward facing britax evolva


    I have two group 2 rear/forward facing seats Group 2 seats (one M&P and one Mothercare) but the mothercare one only does up to 10kg, just gave someone a loan of the M&P’s one (might have to swap the seats 😳 )

    I think the head over the top is regarding roc-a-tots, ds2 grew out of that at about 5 months……

    Was looking at web sites in America its 1 year old and 20Ibs, in the Uk they dont recommend you turn forward before 9 months
    They say a baby turned before 12 months if involved in an accident their injuries would be 5 to 6 times more then a child facing rearward….. there are crash test dummies clips on you tube, might be worth a look.
    Thanks girls but think I’ll keep him rearward (in his M&P’s seat) until xmas, he would be 14 months then….. then I’ll pick up his new car seat in the sales (a maxicosi one)

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