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    Hi all,

    Ds is turning 1 tomorrow and I remember the phn saying to get rid of his bottles at 12 months and give him cow’s milk from a cup/beaker instead.
    Have any of you done this and did your LO’s get on ok?
    Did you need your GP to ok using cow’s milk?
    Also, did you stop sterilising their bottles?

    Appreciate any input

    Thanks :)


    well i have to say that i still gave my ds formula til about 2, not the growing up milk as he didn’t like the taste of it, and he didn’t like the taste of the cows milk either and loved his bottle…
    yeah you can stop sterilising bottle, we just got into habit of doing it but they say that they’ve built up their immune system by 1 so safe enough not to sterilse etc… all up to you really

    ds only really had a bottle going to bed but if wanted during the day had in beaker like he had his juice, however dunno if this applies but found that ds would eat great when having bottles then when bottle was taken away he got very fussy…and still now 3 1/2 fussy but on the upside loves milk drinks gallons of it….

    i think you would have to see how babs likes the cows milk and take from there and watch to see if develops allergy etc but otherwise no need to bring to doc

    best of luck 1 year old i’s amazing what they learn in year


    My ds was the very same as Scoles, he wouldnt touch the growing up milk and I tried 3 times with cows milk (mixed with formula or water) but he wouldnt drink it, if he did he would vomit or get terrible runs….
    So I gave formula from a bottle at bedtime until about 2.. do what you like and dont mind those phn’s
    Im moving my 10 month old to cow and gate No 3 formula which is developed from 6months and upwards, so have a look at that
    good luck


    Hi Newmomma,

    I have moved my LO onto the growing up milk and will probably keep going with that until she’s two. Apparently cow’s milk is lower in iron (than formula) and as she’s not really into milk that much, I figure it’s better to keep her on fomula for the time being. If your LO likes his milk though maybe that wouldn’t be an issue.

    I have stopped sterilizing as well – just wash the bottles thoroughly.

    Tried giving her some formula in a cup… she tasted it, spat it out and looked at me like I was some kind of crazy women trying to poison her 😆 Will have to try giving her some cows milk in her beaker this weekend, that might go down better

    Happy Birthday to your little guy too by the way



    Hey Newmomma,

    I kept my little one on formula until she was about 18 months old. She never really took to milk – although she would take the hand off you for an ice-cream!!

    Don’t put your self under too much pressure about it, lots of babies have it until they are up to 2 years old and I wouldn’t imagine it does them any harm at all.

    Wait until you start trying to convince him that broccoli is yummy!!!

    Good luck….


    my ds got cows milk a couple of weeks after he turned one (he is 8 now so back then there was no such thing as these follow on milks etc) and there wasnt a bother on him. Still sterilised the bottles for about 6 months but after that it was packed away 🙂


    on dd1 i moved her to cow’s milk at 1 thankfully with no problems – did it slowly and she was fine – still loves milk 1.5yr later. I left her with her bottles until 1.5yr and again she changed to a beaker. Stopped sterlising around 1 – threw them in dishwasher.
    Only thing was obviously the milk doesn’t fill them as much as formula so introduced a "supper" she settled after a while and didn’t need it but definitely had to do it for a few weeks.

    meant to say each child different so whatever works i suppose. Though i did hear that the follow on milks aren’t really necessary if child has a balanced diet but each to their own


    My DS is nearly 2 and on the growing up milk from Aptimul.. he loves it.. he still takes it in his bottle though, his beaker, as he tells me is for juice only! lol..
    he doesnt like cows milk , i think it is a very strong taste compared to their normal milk, i put it in his cereal etc but he will not drink it straight!

    as for sterilizing, the PHN told me to just put it in the dishwasher from 1 on but always on the top shelf!


    oh yeah michelle i forgot about the top shelf bit – don’t know why that is but i was told that


    Thanks a million for all your reply’s. Will try him tomorrow on the cow’s milk and see how he goes.Am looking forward to not having to sterilise for a while!!
    Just one more question – can he starting drinking filtered water now or is it still to be boiled first.

    Thanks 🙂


    Hi newmomma,

    My ds does not to this day like cows milk – 2 1/2 now. I did have him on follow on milk from 1 but he did not eat much. On advise from phn, if staying on formula, change back to the 1st one otherwise, it will effect their appetite for food. Apparently, the follow on milk bulks up in their little tummys. The reason cows milk is not recommended before 1 is that it does not contain enough iron for babies where the formula has it added.

    Filtered water is not recommeded for babies. It varys depending on the type of filter, but apparently the filtering method strips out certain things(not sure what!!!) that babies need. The cooled boiled or tap water is still your best bet. If you want to use bottled water – look for something with a sodium content less that 20mg. Evian is only about 5. Aldi also have one that is 11. Though who knows what else is in the bottled water – at least you know the stuff in the tap is treated for all the nasties!!!!

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