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    Should i or shouldi not

    How can i become a Host Family?


    Yeah just tried to pm you, my messages are stuck in outbox too.

    Do you have Taylor’s no or does she have yours? Or anyone else you have mobile no for lemme know. We can get each other’s mobile numbers some way perhaps and then and I can text it you. am loathe to put up her no in public forum.



    we used to have students when we were kids, i hated giving up my room but had no choice, but my parents needed the money so i realised that they were needed….in all honesty i learned alot from the students where they came from their cultures etc so really i eneded up with pen pals and also learned something lol…also spanish and italian too, one year i even went to italy for the summer coz of one of our students who came back all the time…still to this day we stay in touch,so you can have good stories aswell (if interested that is)
    check with edgewater college they look for host families….and have a chat with them regards getting registered etc and what is involved….
    must ask my friend i think she had a student one year from there…will ask her…


    Will be having a student for the third time this year, the same lovely lovely lovely girl as last year.

    Have always had v positive experiences with them, the organisiation I use, LanguageOn, run by Cora McDonnell who teaches Spanish at St Olivers (where the students go to school with her) is uber professional and reassuring about everything.

    With her, kids in school 915-430 each day, out on a trip all day sat so you really only have them to entertain Sundays and evenings.

    I’d say give it a shot, it’s only 4 weeks after all (with Cora). PM me if you want more details.


    I cann’t seem to PM – i am very interested can i have Cora’s number…



    Thanks for that

    Sorry i don’t have anyones number…

    I have applied to Edgewater College – posted application form this morning..

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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