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    Is your husband, boyfriend, partner one of those men who enjoys telling stories of how good a footballer he was years ago?

    That was me last year until I finally plucked up the courage to join our local over 35’s team…I’ve got the bug over the past year and love playing each Sunday and training midweek.

    Unfortunately we are severely short on numbers and need more lads to join our team, we have around 6or7 games left this season – would your husband, boyfriend, partner be interested in joining for the last few games and then we can look at the new season in the Summer.

    Anyone interested, you can drop a line here or send me a PM.


    hey where yous play gaa or soccer and what nights do you train


    It’s 11-a-side football (soccer). Our matches are on Sunday mornings and training is on Wednesday nights.

    It’s very good natured and your always guaranteed a great laugh.
    We play in Seafields in Laytown, they’re the pitches across the bridge at the Train station car park.


    Must mention to DH…. (although the very strong liklihood of heart attack due to lack of exercise worries me a little!)


    er…very strong likely hood of heart attack without exercise for some of these blokes!!!

    My hubby used to be really unfit (sorry hun, but you were) and I used to worry about him alot. Since he started playing football he is a different man, he is more energetic and generally happier in himself. Its a great thing for him to do (aside from the fact he bruises like a peach and comes in with new bruises every week 😆 😆 )

    He is fitter and really looks a lot better, not just in terms of his size but overall and in his complexion too.

    Defo recommend for the fellas….


    Apart from the beauty aspect, its a great laugh.
    Sometimes just sometimes you make a tackle or take a shot or make a pass that makes it all worthwhile and yes a little voice in your minds shouts out "You Still go it Lad!"

    If anyone is interested please PM or email me

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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