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    With the impending launch of the Playstation 4 (PS4) Sony has launched a #PlayStationMemories video (just a bit of fun):

    For The Players Since 1995 – YouTube


    It was funny seeing the start up images of PS1 & PS2; PS4 startup looks sweet.

    Funny the memories that brings back –
    PS1 my then GF (now wife of 10years + 4kids) shared an apartment in Dublin.

    PS2 we lived in my parents converted attic (saving for house deposit).

    PS3 shortly after moving into our 2nd house (1st house broken into 3times – PS2 & all games stolen).

    PS4 will try and keep it away from my kids mentioned above!!!

    And then games – the launch sound of a GT race, Snake dying (again), the sheer fun of ISS, the shadows of Splinter Cell, the many many many Tekken fights, trying to figure out Final Fantasy (failing), Syphon Filter, playing GTA for the first time, SSX…damn I could go on & on.


    Cool video, but they’ve missed ps1 or have I missed it? lol
    Anyway I’m not a fan of these very violent games they make these days and all the zombies, what’s up with all those zombies? lol but I must say I am very impressed at how much video games have advanced, the image quality is amazing.
    My sons have had them all and been playing the ps3 for years now but I’m not tempted at all to go for a ps4 because the games are more and more violent and horror like. Why do they have to go that way? I mean what’s wrong with a nice game like Super Mario…ha ha ok …my sons said that’s old school and laughed at me 😀


    Hi lemonB

    The PS1 was the very first console (light grey) he played, the intro sound "brng brng" is the launch sound of the first Gran Turismo game – heard that around once or twice…lol

    I think Sony are aware that games have become more violent – those are games aimed at an adult audience though.

    They are coming out with a lot of family friendly games on PS4 – one game called Knack is getting great previews:


    This video is for GTA but its fun, based on the boyfriend playing the game but then the change:

    Tried telling my wife & kids about it, I hope they see it now!


    Hi Jedt,

    Funny video lol, heard my boys talking abt GTA,ok ok doesn’t seem too bad 😀
    Im glad is not another zombie or war game 😀


    Thanks for the GTA video – very funny.

    Sony ‘best place to play’ PS4 video arrives
    PlayStation The Best Place to Play Video

    Sony has released a new video for PS4 which really pushes the fact thatit’ll be supporting it’s console with games.

    In the video we see the exclusives announced so far and are also told that "180 games are in development, more than any other next generation console."


    With the impending launch of the PS4 I’ll keep updating this thread with info which has been sent directly from Sony Playstation Ireland.

    Available from Friday, 29th November, PS4™ is the number one gift this Christmas. Delivering rich and immersive gameplay, powerful graphics and speed and integrated social capabilities, PS4™ is the best place to play. PS4™will even learn your likes and dislikes over time, allowing you to discover content in your favourite game genres or by your favourite creators for a truly personalised experience.

    With a combination of huge blockbusters and new titles including Killzone: Shadow Fall, Knack, DRIVECLUB, Destiny, Watchdogs, FIFA 14 and Call of Duty: Ghosts, alongside a vast array of Indie titles such as Transistor, The Witness, Rogue Legacy and Hotline Miami 2, PS4™ promises to be the best place to play. The features on PS4™ need to be experienced to be believed, so if this is on your loved one’s wish-list, make sure their name is on the waiting list!

    There’s also loads of info here:

    The new console, the controller and the PS camera:
    [attachment=0]PS4, Dualshock4 & PSCamera.jpg[/attachment]


    This is only a bit of fun, the guy has created a character called Francis, apparently his real life name/character is much nicer.

    However the unboxing of the the PS4 is real and at 2.04 made me have a great laugh "I got to make room" *Throws xbox!

    Francis Unboxing a Playstation 4

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