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    twinkle toes

    Was just looking for some advice for a good skincare routine for my toddler who is just recovering from an infection inbetween her toes were the gp prescribed Fucidin H Ointment, which is working a treat. Prior to her getting the infection sometimes in between her toes were dry and then other days they would be just red, so I was just wondering whether i should be using a moisturiser or something to dry them out when they red. Would be grateful of any advice.
    Thanks twinkle toes


    Take care drying between her toes and try using a medicated powder, caldasene or cutcura (think is mild medicated)
    I think Crocs are the best bet, easy to wash, let plent of air at the feet and all the kids are wearing them, also better then sandels as they dont trip when running about
    Good luck


    Hi twinkle toes,

    The most common foot infection is athlete’s foot which is a fungal infection that often presents between the toes. It can present itself as itchy/scaly/dry/red or flaky skin. Occaisionally a bacterial or mixed infection may occur also as a result. Either way the best routine to follow is to use good foot hygiene. Tips to follow would include:

    Bathing the feet daily especially between the toes.

    Dry the feet gently but thoroughly, avoid rubbing vigourously if there is an infection present as this may spread the infection.

    Use talcum powder or a mildly medicated powder to reduce foot moisture (your pharmacist can advise you further).

    Use flip flops or other open sandals in swimming/gym areas to avoid catching/spreading a foot infection.

    Let the feet air whenever possible and alternate footwear if neccessary to ensure shoes are always ‘dry’. Avoid tight fitting footwear especially if the weather is warm.

    Always use any creams/ointments/powders prescribed for the recommended time.

    Best Regards,

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