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    What foods are you supposed to avoid when pregnant – the list seems to be endless….

    Starting to think that if women did everything ‘right’ for a pregnancy then none of us would ever actually leave the house.

    Only want to avoid things that are actually harmful or dangerous. No need to be super duper extra cautious…just llast week someone told me not to use lavendar when pg but then I asked a homeopath and aromatherapist and they said its fine.

    its all a bit confusing isn’t it???


    Congrats on your pregnancy.

    Yes the list is endless, but to make it short

    – unpasterised cheeses and milk
    – raw eggs, meat
    – some pate
    – nuts if nut allergies in the close family, even if you’re not allergic yourself
    – alcohol (but 1 glass for special occasions is ok, but not ok if everyday, just find the right balance)

    Enjoy you pregnancy.
    At the end it’s a question of balance.

    If you eat once a raw egg, the chance of you getting sick and your baby is very very slim, but if you eat raw egg (just for the example) everyday it will be high.
    Ok you very probably don’t eat raw egg anyway but think again, if you make a homemake chocolate mousse it is raw in it.
    Don’t get paranoid, keep it simple.
    And yes if you’re at home it’s easy to cook what suits you, if you’re out in a restaurant eat what you fancy in moderation and you’ll be ok.

    Take care of you 2.



    Yeah, don’t get too hung up on the whole business, but I’ll add a couple to the list just to annoy you!!!

    – cheese: no unpasturised & any in a white skin (like Brie) or with any kind of mould
    – no raw milk (ie no unpasturised milk)
    – raw meat (strictly this includes things like smoked salmon / ham)
    – pate made from livers
    – raw eggs (recommend that be solid when cooked – no very runny whites or yolks, no homemade mayonaise, choc mousse)
    – nuts (think this is mostly peanuts…)
    – alcohol (less the better, but a sip here or there not the end of the world ie don’t abandon the sherry trifle)
    – tuna / swordfish (keep to minimum – something to do with mercury levels)

    Eat red meat three times a week if you can – vital to build up iron levels. Will stand to you when baby born!


    i know someone who when pregnant ate nuts, prawns, drank unpasturised milk, did on all her other babies and were fine..and she’s fine too….

    but i did caution on nuts ( i know a girl who wasn’t allergic to nuts but had soem when pregnant and there was some reaction was very sick and had to monitor baby, dunno what it did, but child was fine but i was terrified after that)

    raw eggs, homemade coleslaw (granted wouldn’t be having any of that this time of year)

    pate, prawns, brie and everything else went down the hatch…. 😆


    I never understood the coleslaw one…when I was pg I avoided that because I heard it was bad for me and baby but it seems a bit funny thinking back on it now… just why is coleslaw so dangerous???

    I remember on my first pg avoiding Snickers bars too because they had nuts in them, even though I was craving them like mad! I am sure one little snickers would not have done us any harm….

    I wonder what women are like about being pg in other countries, do they avoid all these foods too, or do we over do it a bit here?


    oh snickers bars craved them so much, brought a pack into the hospital for after i had ds2 and loved them so much was great treat


    I did that as well, as soon as he was born I devoured a Snickers bar – so funny!!!


    i suppose that coleslaw is banned because of the mayonnaise, but i doubt that manufactured mayo is made with raw eggs. Anyway, there were a few cases of listeria in France after pregnant women ate some unpasteurised cheese and the bacteria was in it, but i mean if the cheese is not coming directly from the farm you should be fine.
    Shellfish coud be dodgy too, raw i mean, so no oysters, raw mussels but we dont really eat them that way here.
    i remember reading not to use lavender oil too, it can cause miscarriages in early pregnancy if used in baths.I think it s true cause i was mad about lavender oil in my bath and poured a lot in it until one day it gave me cramps for some reason. anyway apparently the worst thing in pregnancy is stress so just relax and you ll be fine.


    There are all kinds of warnings but think it really has to do with the safety of the source of what you are to be concerned about while pregnant.

    We use raw dairy in our home for 6+ years and have used it in all three pregnancies. I eat nuts daily as I am not a big meat eater.

    To me the major thing to avoid is:
    -all alcohol
    -parma ham
    -Brie Cheese


    parma ham? think i may have eaten that…why parma ham?

    you know there are women all over the world that eat foods that we are told not to eat…..

    but alcohol….and smoking…afterall the baby’s liver, kidneys lungs etc are developing, you have the choice to smoke and destroy your lungs, and drink and whatever, but the baby that’s trying to grow doesn’t and at least give that baby the chance to develop and have clear lungs not smoke filled lungs…really gets my goat when see pregnant women smoking their brains out, AND outside the hospital doors in their nightwear, waiting to have the baby smoking their brains out….crazy…


    I remember eating a Brie and Walnut salad and was told after i had eaten it that i could be putting my baby in danger!! Salad was fab and babs was fine…. just think we stress too much.

    Cant stand seeing a pregnant woman smoking either or a parent smoking in their car with kids in it…. what choice are the kids being given, NONE!!!

    I had a drink once on ds2 (west coast cooler watching the eurovision) and i swore never again, he kicked and kicked. If you see a child that suffers from the affects of the mother drinking you wouldnt touch a drop!!!!

    I didnt eat fresh coleslaw but ate the manafactured stuff, no pate, no nuts and cut all caffeen from my diet, i tried to eat as much fresh fruit and veg but thats not alway easy to do…. the odd packet of pringles were scoffed too lol


    oh brie…mmmmmmmm that was something else i craved, it’s mad you’re told don’t eat this that and the other and you perhaps wouldn’t eat them on a regular basis BUT when you’re pregnant what is it you want to eat…everything you’re advised against….

    now i want brie and walnut salad…and can eat it too…just to find it to make it lol


    I used to go to the Neptune in Bettystown on my lunch break and they did yummy salads, havent found somewhere to get my brie and walnut salads 😆 😆 😆 (sooo wouldnt make my own 😳 )

    I think its murphys law, as soon as you go on Antibiotics you want a drink or on a Good Friday you HAVE to have a Drink!!
    The day you start your diet you crave goodies that you wouldnt have wanted the day before your diet!!!

    Dont think your ment to eat liver when pregnant either…. my mum was only saying that you ate and drank what you wanted when you were pregnant. She said the doctors told her to drink a bottle of stout a day to keep her iron levels up….. she doent drink so this was a killer for her to do, she hates the stuff now!

    Someone was only saying to me the other day that in 20 years time we will be told something stupid like steaming veg or drinking tap water can be the cause of cancers, they are always moving the goal posts……


    parma ham? think i may have eaten that…why parma ham?


    Parma ham can be very dodgy and carry Toxoplamosis (you know the same bacteria that cat feces can have thus warnings about not changing litter box)


    parma ham? think i may have eaten that…why parma ham?


    Parma ham can be very dodgy and carry Toxoplamosis (you know the same bacteria that cat feces can have thus warnings about not changing litter box)

    Oh Nice!!!! That me turned off Parma ham for life 😆 😆 😆

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