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    Its all over the news about the flu epidemic that has hit UK and Ireland. They are saying pregnant women, anyone with an underlying health condition and children are the most at risk.

    Should we be getting our kids vaccinated? Should we go to the GP or should it be done in school?

    We have not had kids vaccinated against a flu before, so wondering how it works.

    Anyone pregnant should be aware that of the 19 people in hospital in Ireland with this flu today, 8 of them are pregnant women, so if you are pregnant, might be a good idea to call your GP/midwife and have a chat about what you should do.


    I heard on itv news that a woman died 2 weeks after giving birth in England. She was being treating for swine flu but died from pneumonia. Awful tragedy, can;t believe another year of this. I was tortured last year about whether to vaccinate my then 6month old ds. Got it done, as I was beginning to become paranoid about every sniffle and cough, almost to the point of locking us in the house until summer, lol, though no joke at the time. I don;t think gps will vaccinate kids at the mo- just the at risk groups, but could be wrong.


    I had the flu over the xmas and my sister has it now (thanks to me sharing my germs)
    I have never been so weak and sick in my life, im still very very tired and look like death warmed up!!! Pale and run down…. im ringing the gp next week to get the boys done, im sure i dont need it now after having the flu.
    Im of the thinking if there is a vaccine for something then use it if you feel its safe to do so. We were all done for swineflu last winter and glad we got it, but there are pros and cons with everything
    Get informed and make your choice, dont allow anyone to pressure you to get vaccine, its a personal choice


    I am thinking of getting Robbie vacinnated as he is diabetic.He had the swine flu injection last year but never had the normal flu one. He never gets as much as a cold ever but I am just afraid this would be the one year he would.

    I just read though over on MM that if you got the swine flu vac last year then you are covered against that strain of swine flu for a few years. Dont know how true this is.


    I got the flu jab on Friday as am 5 months pregnant. Also had the swine flu jab last year. The doc said regulations have changed only since last week. They are now saying if you got the swine flu jab last year you are still covered this year but the GP said they are still recommending you get the combined jab this year because regulations are constantally changing &in another 2 months they could be saying you need the swine flu jab every year!!!
    Anyway i’m covered for it all at the moment, not taking any chances!


    What is the cost of the flu jab?


    i believe it’s €30, there is a problem at the minute with some GP’s running out of stock – i have heard though that Boots in Blanchardstown are doing the vaccination for same price as GP


    I paid €15 in no 47 Fair Street


    I have heard soooo many stories from 60e to 20e and boots i think is 30e not 100% about that…… might starting ringing around


    I have just spoken with the Pharmacy in Boots and they are doing the Flu Vacination in Boots in Laurence Town Centre Drogheda

    Its cost €30.00 and they vaccinate Adults only , not children.

    Its take approx 15 Minutes to do so and whilst you are their you must fill out a form.

    For any further information needed contact the pharmacist directly on 041-9810290


Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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