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    Just back from doing a floatation tank session in Navan natural health and spa centre. I had done one years ago and found it great, as well as de-stressing and emptying the mind for an hour, it really eases any little aches and tensions in your back. When I finished and showered, it was into the relaxation room where I made a cup of herbal tea and sat reading for a while before heading home. You can see a short video clip of the floatation tank on http://www.naturaltherapy.ie They have a lot of other treatments available as well and quite a few for pregnant women.

    With the temperature just right, after a few seconds you don’t feel like your on water, it feels like you’re floating in air! Think I fell asleep for a while :lol:


    Oh i had this treatment done a few years ago, my back was so bad at the time i was never out of pain…. like you i got so rested and relaxed i fell asleep, i booked a second session for the next day, it really is a beautiful sensation

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    I was able to get back to the kind of training the next day that I hadn’t been able to for a few weeks! When I win the lotto, I’ll instal my own one! 😆


    Sounds like pure bliss, i would love to try it.

    Although it always reminds me of the Simpsons, there was an episode when Homer had a session in one, say no more, not sure you would call it relaxing. lol

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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