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    What do you think about the French Justice Minister going back to work 5 days after giving birth?

    It is a woman’s right to choose but surely the need to take the time to support, nurture or indeed bond with a newborn.

    What is enough time?

    We will be debating this on LMFM Feb. 3rd … so get your opinions in!


    What a fool!!!! He child will be grown up in no time and you cant get the precious time back.


    I think this is really sad. For mother and baby. The fact that she either wants to go back to work or has to go back to work is awful. Either way, she and her baby are missing out on something wonderful.

    Has she said why she returned to work so quickly? I wonder how she even managed it physically, as she had a c-section!

    Very sad and also it puts pressure on other mums to try to be back to normal soon after birth when really its a time to relax, take it slow and just enjoy being with your baby.

    Should make for an interesting debate, they were talking about it on Today FM a few weeks back and there were people texting in suggesting a c-section is like man flu, that women over react. I’d love to see how a man would cope with a new born after major abdonimal surgery.

    Will make sure to listen in that day, what time is it on?



    i had c section in may and started back to work gradually after 2 weeks i am a farmer and at the time found it very hard to get any body to milk the cows for me while i was in hospital – it would be a different story now as i had people looking for work recently- any way i just did it gradually and didnt over do it but after 5 days is a bit much as you’d still be very sore and could risk the wound reopening


    i personally don’t agree with it. 5 days isn’t even a week c’mon you waited almost 10months for this little one to spend 5 days to bond C’MON! A baby need time to bond feel loved/nutured by its mother.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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