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    I got a pair of Fit Flops last year and wore them all summer long, they were such a good investment for walking, very comfy.

    I want to get another pair but when I went looking at the weekend, most of the ones I saw were 69 euro – whereas I paid 55 euro last year. Just wondering where I can get a pair that are not a rip off. How can they have gone up by 14 euro since last year, incase the shops had not noticed, we are all skint!!! Prices should be coming down, not going up!

    any help on where to get them, much appreciated. :wink:


    Avon as some, very popular, the only thing is their sizes, less choice than the expensive brand. size 3/4 or 5/6 or 7/8
    I sold a pair or 2 last year, customers happy with it.
    Did not try it myself as the idea of open toe shoes in artic like condition not for me! I like the summer here, not too hot, perfect , but not enough for open toes shoes.

    Price will be 32 euro, but 27 euro in the first brochure they’ll be out.
    The new ones in black will be out soon (brochure 7, we’re now at brochure 6)
    If you want an advance pair, I can get it for you. Let me know.



    ah but they’re not fit flops….I want the proper ones with the special in built technology ( 😉 😉 ) that work out my legs and bum when I walk!

    Its got to be the actual Fit Flop brand, I love the pair I have, I wore them so much they were totally worth the spend. Just want a new pair in different colour for this year!


    The Avon ones have the same thing.
    they are called workout flip flops.
    here the extract from the brochure :
    TOP facts :
    – helps to workout calves, thighs and bottom
    – designed to help give you better posture
    – burn calories with every step

    Trend alert:
    you’ve probably seen similar items on the high street at sky high prices.

    That’s the add, hope it helps.



    Hi Sabbi

    The Shoe Hor in SKetries stock them they also stock the
    boots and shoes.
    There is up too 70% off the boots at the min and
    the girls are lovely very helpful
    I find the Shoe Horn is alot cheaper than Dwyers
    You could also check out Hubert Tully"d up in the
    retail park was up at way today they have lots
    of nice Spring stock in
    My recommenations is the SHoe Horn on SKetries
    just opposite the monument
    Enjoy shopping
    Love and Light


    They have them half price on … aspx?loc=S

    Hope this helps!


    The shoe rac on Dwyer street do the sketchers ones, not sure of the price…. the avon ones look good!


    Lyn11 – you are a star!!

    Got a pair of the Fit Flops I wanted for 27.50 on the Sam McAuley sale on the site you posted so thanks a million for that tip.

    I ordered them Wednesday and they arrived Friday, so delighted with them. 😉


    seen them in window of pamela scott in scotch hall, drogheda


    Great price… Sabbi what size did you order? Cant print out the size chart printer out of ink, im a five, did you buy the size you wear or are they a small or large fit iykwim?


    sabbi check if you’re supposed to wear them when you’re pregnant – now i know i did at end of dd2 but i remember being told not to wear my MBT’s when i was pregnant on dd1

    I love love my fit flops but need a new pair gonna check out that website too 😉


    Taylor, I am a size 5 & half, the pair I had from before are size 5 and fit me perfectly but this time, I ordered a 6, as I expect my feet to swell a bit with this pregnancy, so hopefully they’ll get me through the summer. The 6 fit me fine now but I have a little bit of room in them – incase I end up with feet like the Nutty professor, like I did last time 😆 😆 😆


    Im a five so will go and order the five… thanks


    enjoy, they are such a good investment!


    just ordered a pair too, might help work off the dessert after a walk to relish lol!!! sucha good deal!

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