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    we have no pets but my MIL gave us a big fish tank and i want to get some fish not the regular goldfishes but different kinds…how often do you have to clean out the tank. I’m obviously going to ask the pet store but any fish owners out there with their own sea can give me any insight on livingwith fishies!!!!!!!


    I have a small little plastic fishbowel with one nemo inside and you think his whole family was in there after three days! The water does be mank! If you go to the pets store in the business parks at tkmaxx and up at woodies they have big self cleaning ones. We where only over there today getting fish food. They have some lovely walnut surrounded ones and they are on sale.


    hey happy i wonder is it because the bowl is plastic? E got "bob" for her b’day in november and I swear DH has only cleaned the poor thing out about every 2-3weeks and it’s fine but it’s a Glass bowl. Can’t wait until E is old enough to clean it herself – i hate the thoughts of doing it …. thats why it’s DH job!


    it might be cause it’s one of those small bowls too. No this one is pretty decent glass tank. With lighting and scenery backdrop and all that stuff. Well if it requires that much maintenance i don’t i’ll go forward with it. I’m thinking 5 fishies…although i was thinking of a little turtle but they need to come out of the water once in awhile. 😕

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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