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    i have been invited to my bst friends daughters communion next weekend in dublin…….think the last one i was at was my own……just wondering what is the going rate for financial donation???!!!!!……or any ideas on a gift?????? do kids just want cash??????


    hi there

    I know its my neighbours daughters first holy communion next week and I will just be throwing in 20 quid, now it was my two nephews last year and I gave 30euro each…
    think 20 is loads, I olny got 2-5 pound when I had mine years ago….


    My ds and my mates ds are making theirs sat week, and im giving him €20 in a card, i think that is sufficient enough. Gift wise, what exactly could you give as a gift????


    You could give a wallet/purse as a gift to hold all this lovely cash they will be getting. 😀

    Oh how I would love to be making mine again….. 😀 😀 😀


    True ed, but would one not feel obliged to put some money into the wallet too hahahahaha.

    I dunno, the day really shouldnt be about the money and i have explained this to ds, i invited people cos i want them to be there, not cos of what they might give ds 9althoygh having his bday the day b4 doesnt help matters )

    go with what you can afford, would like togive, or go and have a nice day, im sure they would appreciate that much more 🙂


    We are going to my Nephews Communion this weekend.

    I agree that it shouldnt be about money but Unfortunately that is the way it is. I personally think half these kids shouldnt be making their communion as they dont go to mass but that is a whole other issus.

    My nephew is also our godchild, so i plan to give him €100. Going to get a €100 note in the bank.

    Is this enough seeing as he is my godchild & my husbands?

    We have also arranged a cake form coulter & Black for him.


    Mary €100 is loads!!! Id be very shocked if anyone gave my ds that seriously. There cakes are yum too 🙂


    My daughter got a watch off her god-mother, a braclet off a friends mum and money. The gifts were nice.

    For Confirmation my daughter got a braclet off my sisters and a chain off my brother. Also an angel figure off another friend.

    Gifts are nice. They last longer. But in saying that the children like money unfortunately and buy some big thing they wanted with it.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)
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