First Holy Communion 2011

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    Im surprised :shock: i really thought more would be going smart casual rather then the suit…..


    Hi there

    DS is making his first holy communion in May, and just wondering can anyone recommend where they got their suits for DS, would rather go somewhere that someone has been to before and can recommend.

    Cant believe he is that age already!! 😯


    OMG thats unreal, he is growning up so quick.

    Make your choice do you want to get a suit? Very few kids get suits now days, but if its a suit you want Arnotts and Clerys is your best bet, you can get everything under one roof iykwim.
    My sister went in with her ds, they had a look at suits but he changed his mind on the day… she went with a Ralph sports jacket, chinos, Ralph shirt and jumper (was like a mini me of his dad) It did cost a few euro more then the suit, but he got LOADS of wear out of the gear and not left hanging in the wardrobe after 2 wears

    Missy Moo

    I would check what the normal is in your school. 99% of the boys in our school would wear suits. We had 1 in casual gear last year.

    If you want to stay local, I would recommend Puzzel (now in Narrow West St) I got DS’s suit there last year and we were very happy with the choice



    I think i will be going more towards the suit for first holy communion and then think confirmation is that bit more casual nowadays, forgot about Puzzel, thanks, just want to start looking as it wont be long going in till May.

    A friend also mentioned the childrens shop and kobi colours too, anyone know anywhere else?

    thanks again


    Marks and Spencers or Debenhams – would recommend both…
    I have confirmation in May this year….


    Hi, my DS made his communion in 2009 and we got the most amazing suit, shirt and tie in Puzzel in Drogheda. I am actually thinking of selling it. It is age 8 and is navy with fine pinstripe. The shirt is white background with blue stripe and the matching tie is blue. It is Club 1880 and originally cost €250. I will sell it for €100. My DS only wore it for the church and changed as soon as we came home. It comes in a matching suit carrier. If you are interested please pm me and I can email you photos.


    Oh my god cant believe he is grown up very fast,
    Marks and sparks,debenhams, heatons, Dunne stores they all stock communion gear,Some places even do a package for boys, the suit shirt waist coat and shoes
    Deff go for a suit loads of kids wear them these days for communion


    M&S, Shaws would probably bring in a range.. The Childrens Shop (I know they do communion dresses, not sure about suits!), Kobi, Best Menswear on Shop Street… Next…

    The years are flying! Has me thinking this time next year I will be looking for a dress for DD!!


    I have one for First communion this year too. I am not getting a suit for him though and I dont care if he is the only one not wearing a suit. For DS1 communion I got him a real casual suit (trousers with denim jacket style jacket but not denim IYKWIM). He wore it once. Never again, this year DS2 will be getting something he will wear again. Whatever he gets he will wear to DS1’s confirmation the week later and his cousins FC the week after that.


    Try Zara in Blanch for the out fit, whether its a suit or casual, its a brilliant shop. Our son is almost 15, we did his commumion outfit and confirmation outfit in it and we didnt spent anymore than €80 for them, and every one commented on it, and our daughter got her outfit there too………….


    I hate to see young boys in suits, even at weddings think they look sooo stupid…. not sure if my ds will make his communion will make my mind up next year, but i know he wont be in a suit, dont care if he would be the only one, just dont see the point…. its more a girls day in my mind all about the dresses and the curls


    Ah I disagree, would like to see the young fella in a suit..a modern trendy looking one though 😀

    DD’S is next year too….


    ah yeah I like the suit too, you can get some lovely ones, ah would have to, only make their wee communion once.


    My ds made his last year and we went with the suit (all of the boys had suits on ) ,Got it in Best Wear on Shop Street.Only cost 70e including shirt and tie and he looked great in it..So glad we didnt spend any more on it as its sitting in the wardrobe since and will never be worn again.Marks and Spencers had lovely suits too but sold out very fast.

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