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    first morning went welll……. i didnt cry!! :lol: :lol:

    How did u get on??


    I didn’t cry and my daughter didn’t cry either – so all good for us!!! She was quite funny actually, she wore a tiara with her uniform and kept jumping into other kids photos! We were not upset….thank goodness, thought I’d be a blubbering mess but managed not to embarrass her (or myself!)


    My ds seen the clip on rte news and it really highlighted the kids crying and hanging onto their parents, didnt like it at all and since ds is asking "why were those kids crying?" I think he thinks there is something we arent telling him.
    I told him it was just the 4 year olds that cry and he said "yes the 4 year olds and the girls" 😆 😆 😆
    He never wakes at nightime but came into our bed at 4am, he just wanted to be near his mammy!!!!! Then first thing talking about the kids crying so its starting to play on his mind…. SHIT, im starting to panic now!!!!


    Oh Taylor I m sure he ll be ok tomorrow. It probably just madehim think about it a bit more.

    When ds1 started school I cried on the way home but I also cried on first day of senior infants, 1st class and 2nd class. I wont be crying tomorrow though as hes going into 6th class but probably will when he starts secondary school next yr 😳 😳 😳


    Taylor my nephew woke a few times on SAt night saying bad dreams etc but slept sunday night went to school no bother on Monday am and insisted on going on the creche bus this am – his poor mammy took the week off work to settle him into things as he goes to creche then creche bus to school etc and sure he doesn’t want her – insisted he was fine today !!!!!!!!!!! wonder when the novelty will wear off! 😆 😆


    Gals… for those of you with your little folk starting tomorrow. Good luck!
    They’ll all be grand…. trick is to give them a quick kiss / cuddle and then get out of there… otherwise it just drags out the process of the leaving, and upsets them even more. Saying that, my ds couldn’t get in there fast enough this morning…. obviously the time with me at home has driven him mental! It will all be old hat before we know it!


    I do agree, think the ones that hang about arethe ones who upset the kids, then its not fair on the kids who’s parents have left…. think most schools say 5 mins then go.
    I say ds2 will be upset that he cant stay 😆 😆 😆


    girls my nerves are a bit gone here dd’s big day tomorrow. the reason why dd had one of tantrums today my dad told her that the teacher will give out to her if she gets like that but dd said i will shout really loud at my teacher if she gives out. she does mean very loud she is like a foghorn when she starts :evil:. i gave her a warning that she has to be good.


    Nikki dont be stressing, you dad shouldnt really say that, let her find out the hard way 😆 😆 😆
    The teachers have to deal with all sorts, she will settle down and settle in… it will be hard for them all to follow strict rules but they will get there.
    Dont be stressing
    I have the kids bathed, in bed, the lunch made (thanks sabbi and hjs for tip) school bag, lunch box etc all ready and waiting…. my little boy asked me when tucking him in "mammy why cant it be morning now?" Ah Bless him
    Will let you all know how i get on tomorrow, im worried about ds2 (22 months) he keeps saying " x go to ig ool" and picking up the school bag and saying "mine!", think he will have to have a school bag tomorrow 😆 😆 😆


    so how did all the mammies get on today,


    dd screamed and cried and got sick they had to change uniform but then she was grand. she had a fun time after that 😆 😆 .


    dd screamed and cried and got sick they had to changeuniform but then she was grand. she had a fun time after that 😆 😆 .

    Good God Nicky how were you? I’d be in bits!!!

    I was grand but ds2 wasnt too happy, he woke at 5am crying Saying "x is going to ig ool and baba broken" (says baba broken when he is sad) ds2 went in got a seat and played away, had a few tears from him when i had to drag him away….. ds1 not a bother on him, got to see his old friends and LOVED IT!!!
    On of my friends kids was very upset, then she started to cry i was trying to comfort her and i could feel the tears well up in my eyes, she said oh your starting…. i had to walk away to sort herself out as i was getting upset looking at them, i called the teadher who took the child from the mama, then we went for coffee and both mama and child were fine, little on cant wait for tomorrow!
    Its great if you child goes in no trouble but very hard for the parents who’s kids have a melt down, felt very sorry for both of them
    He (ds1) didnt know his daddy was going to be there to collect him and he was delighted to see him… so proud of him, pictures on facebook


    i am ok now i was a upset earlier nearly smoked 20 fags with nerves she wanted to stay there all day. the girls did warn me about her teacher shes a narky cow and shouts really loud at the kids and she is under investigation for grabbing a child by the shoulder and dragging her to her sit there is a another teacher in the class room at all times so that puts my mind at ease a little.


    Chewie right whatever the circumstances, if u child is happy as larry or roaring and puking, best thing is to drop off and get out. U can’t, won’t and shouldn’t be there all am every am, so it only makes it worse for them if u there for ages 1 day then progressively, or drastically, r there for less and less time.

    Children feed off parents’ feelings, so if u breeze about like an event ordinary and 0 to get hyped up about, the sooner they will too. The more u hang around blinking back the tears, the more they will be anxious too.

    The schools have seen it all amillion times before and there is no eventuality they can’t deal with and at the V V V V V V V worst case scenario where there is a crisis of not settling for some reason, sure u only at end of a phone.

    All IMHO, and as I have said before, am very tough love in this house, but dd, delighted to be settling back into 1st class today certainly has not suffered for it. Most mammies I know the same, and the children of those who fuss unnecessarily over their offspring, invariably are the ones who settle less readily anywhere or any time something new(ish) is afoot. That’s an observation from both sides of the teacher’s desk too.


    Well we’ve just started playschool yesterrday. It was a close thing, we were only home from holiday’s monday and she was exhausted… I’ve discovered in the two days she’s not a morning person…. doesn’t like to be wakened (too used to wakening by herself), lol. No tears, but very quiet in herself and our Sarah is far from quiet!!!a Yesterday she wasn’t going back, been there done that!

    This morning she said she’d give it one more go but when I went back to collect her, she had yesterdays "painting" to take home was full of beans and she’s going tomorrow and again and again and again…. so I think she’s over it.

    Me – I sat moping from 9.50 am after dropping her off till about 11.30 before I realised I really should do something while she’s away, scurried around the house for the last 10 mins before hometime. I have got to get into a better routine than that, lol….

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