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    13 yrs married – Had our first Christmas at home, as i worked.

    This year, MIL coming here and i want to make it extra special my dd is 9 and ds is 12…. any ideas…


    For the kids or your mum?

    when my mum comes we make sure she has a stocking over the fire, her fav biscuits, lots of tea and a trip to mid night mass is another good one or the kids mass in St Marys for both MIL and kids


    Yes for the kids

    I am sure whatever we do will not be right in MIL EYES – gave up trying..
    We always go to Augustine Christmas Mass at 6pm – DD & DS are involved in Family Mass..

    MIL wouldn’t come down until Christmas morning , her son will drive up to Dalkey Christmas morning and collect her , hopefully she will stay over Christmas night..


    Oh No!!!!
    The drive up on xmas morning isnt really fair, pity she wouldnt stay over from xmas eve.

    Ah dont make too much of an issue of her being there… dont change anything just cause she is there… family board games can be great fun for all ages.

    my mam was to go to my sisters, but she wants to come here 🙄 I dont care tbh… i do know she will DO MY HEAD in but i love her to bits and so do the boys, so i will have to just put up with tea bag marks on the sink and bin etc.
    By the sounds of things put the kids into another room and let them have fun 😆 😆 😆


    You could have some of her favourite music on in the background while having dinner? we do this for my father in law and he gets into a great mood after a few Elvis numbers!!!

    I whip up the favourite dessert of the guests coming too, just another little way to make it personal for them

    Little things like that show you’ve made an effort to make it special for them and they really appreciate it….

    Good luck and enjoy it


    My mam loves the old crooners (sp) and she loves to help with the dinner, we do be dancing way to "im dreaming of a white xmas"…. really lifts the spirits
    i find old games simple games like Snap, snakes and ladders are great fun for all ages, ds1 and my mum were playing snakes and ladders here on day and the laughs out of the two of them, she loves play doh (but wont let on to) some of the stuff she made with the kids was amazing!!!! A talent i never knew my mother had…
    She has to watch the Queen speech, we dont mind but my BIL HATES it… but we had to listen to it as kids so nothing strange for us.
    I find the best xmas is good food, some games, a warm house and a nice walk with the dog to blow away the cobwebs…. then when the kids go to bed some tacky tv ie the royal family, only fools and horses, father ted etc with a big glass of baileys
    Keep it simple and dont over fuss, giving them little jobs to do really helps them settle in.

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