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    Just wondering what I should prepare myself for? :?
    How long were you waiting for your first appointment Public at OLOL?
    I am expecting about 3/4 hrs…is this totally off?

    Should I bring food?
    Are there enough seats for everyone?

    appointment at 9:20am


    Bring food, water and something to read. If at all possible, have someone look after the other children, it can be so tedious waiting with children as there is nothing for them to do. If you are bringing a toddler, bring snacks, toys etc.

    Good luck!!!


    thanks Sabbi – and there is no waaay the other 3 would be coming! That is what DH is for 😆


    congrats Jene…yeah bring something to read and a drink, you may be there a bit if sent for scan….and bloods….


    congrats on your pregnancy
    I was had 3 to 4 hours in my head for my first visit (last year) but was out in half that, they split everyone up some seen midwife first. then doctor, then bloods then scan but I was told to do bloods, scan then back down clinic and was seen by midwife and straight into the doctor….. doing this make the system move better. No point in 20 woman waiting for doctor, bloods and scan at same time
    good luck


    Was there from 9am til about 2pm – long enough really!

    thanks for congrats


    God thats a very long wait… never had a wait that long. I’ve always been very very lucky


    no im the same, God that was very long 😯
    Im always in for around 9.45 and out by 12.
    Did you have to get scan and bloods done too?
    Congrats on your pregnancy 😉


    yeah, had scan and bloods

    sure, we were waiting over an hr just to register.

    super minder

    tell the hospital when booking again you work till 2pm and you will get afternoon appointment. there quicker as the close at 4.

    mind you if we all try that then it mite get busyer


    well jene, how did ya get on, i saw ya on the corridor when i was being wheeled back from having baby…yeah that nutter that shouted congrats how’s you was me….just incase…..

    and you were there long


    I knew it was you! I was gonna mention it before but didn’t want to embarrass ya! You looked amazing for a woman that just gave birth!

    Congrats again! He really was a whooper!

    All grand here. One baby. Both of us healthy and fit. All good 😀

Viewing 12 posts - 1 through 12 (of 12 total)
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