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    I was getting house insurance today and the range of cover is laughable, the cover for Fire service called out was about 1,500 to 2,000…. but 1 company did offer me the choice to up my fire cover to 20k!!! Seems a bit extreme, i asked her what the call out charge was, but she said one lady had a very large domestic house fire and 2 Fire Engines over night the bill was……. wait for it!! TWENTY TWO THOUSAND EURO :shock: :shock: :shock:

    I asked how much the charges were and they coudnt tell me, so i rang Drogheda Counsil in Fair street the call out charge for a chimney fire is 7.50e PER MINUTE and a Domestic house fire has a charge of 10 EURO PER MINUTE. I did ask if the 100e property charge covered this and she laughed and said "NO!" :lol: :lol: :lol: Oh and wait, the fees start from the second the 999 call is logged, so your paying for the engine to drive in traffic…
    So to anyone who knows me, if you see my house or car on fire dont ring 999, granted we are all out safe im going to let it fecking burn to the ground, not paying fees like that.
    Would this huge charge make you reluctant to ring 999? Will it lead to deaths due to have a go heros? Do you not think 10e per minute is a bit extreme? Is the stress, worry and emotional side of a house fire not enough, but then you get hit will a bill that could fund a Big fat gyspy wedding!! :roll: :roll: :roll:


    christ didn’t realise it was that high – must check our policy and see what is covered on it for call out’s


    Who paies? The owner of the house? the tenant? or the person who called (could be a neighbour) ?

    That’s unreal, it should not be free or a standard charge.
    Thanks for letting me know I was so clueless.



    The home or car owner pays regardless of who made the phone call… its shocking!!! 10e per minute 😯


    I think this may vary depending on what county you are in. There has always been a charge. As far as I am aware, it is 250euro to call out a Fire Brigade in County Meath. I thought that was a fixed charge and did not matter how long or how may came out.

    I think you will also find that there is an excess on your house insurance and you will be stuck with the first 250 or more anyway.


    yes the average is 300e fixed call out, but Louth is 10e per minute…. your Excess doesnt come into play when its firecall out.


    My brother was in a crash a while back, a van drove into him and he ended up in the ditch.. a few weeks later he got a bill for €450 – he rang them about it and they said it was half the bill as the guy in the van got it for the other half, so €900 and they were out for about 20 mins…
    Its ridiculous…


    It would make you think twice alright, its shocking really. I must see what our home insurance covers us for now we are on this topic…not sure what kind of call our coverage we have if we have a fire or need an ambulance for some reason.


    Who services Bettystown for fire service? Does the tender come from Navan or Drogheda? Its a joke, my insurance only covers 1,500 or 2k… God forbid you had to call them, i would set my stop watch 😆 😆 😆

    Will this lead to have a go heros?


    There was something on the radio about this last year, some people with bills of thousands!! I thought there was some issue around who actually called the fire service?


    Well not in Louth, i rang and got the info… i asked if my car was on fire at the side of the road and someone rings 999, who pays? She said its the insured owner of the car regardless of who made the call. I did here a woman on joe duffy last year who had a burst radiator and someone passing rang 999, the woman refused to pay the 500e bill, she said they should chase up the caller as she didnt want or need a fire truck, it was a tow truck she needed.

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