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    What was your experience with hospital prenatal visits when it came to finding out the baby’s sex?
    This is not the first time they just won’t tell me. The ‘doctors’ and the whole hospital policy seems to be very strange. What is the big deal?
    I was told they can’t see it. My last visit was told they can’t do a scan for me.
    Do I have to go to a private clinic just to find out my baby’s sex? (not that I would anyway lol)



    I’ve 4 boys too, lemonbee, & there are times I wonder about the whole mother-daughter thing – am I missing out? etc I’ll just have to try & be very close to my nieces & daughter-in-laws.

    I think our age rules us out of having another go – and I haven’t been able to convince my hubby to get a Chinese baby girl….

    You have two families!! Mine are all little! I’ve a two year old two (but he thinks he’s 6!). Looking forward to seeing you


    I think they are not too keen on telling you the sex in hospitals incase they get it wrong! They are quite stretched and often seem rushed doing scans in the hospital so maybe they don’t have the time to look properly?

    Maybe they just really could not see what sex your baby it. We only asked once in the hospital about the sex and they were able to see so they told us.

    On our last baby, we went for a private scan in Babyscan in Swords and it was amazing but we did not find out the sex of the baby. We had been through a miscarriage before that pregnancy and wanted the private scan for reassurance that the baby was ok. They offered to tell us the sex of our baby but I did not want to know. The private scans are brilliant, they spend so much time with you. Its a bit of a spend but I think its worth it.

    We have 4 children and we only found out the sex once, on our second daughter and for me, it took a little bit of the surprise away at the birth. I liked not knowing on our other babies.

    My husband really wanted to know on baby number 4 but I was adamant not to know, so they would not tell him. The mum has to give permission!

    I felt a bit mean but I loved the surprise of not knowing.


    I can understand that hospitals are stretched, I’m just really anxious to know 🙂 but hey…15 more weeks won’t kill me to wait 🙂


    I asked at the 20 week scan & they told me, I know sometimes they cant see as the baby is so curled up in the foetal position so they cant see between their legs.

    I did see a story on the the web recently & the couple were told it was a girl & they painted the room pink with the babys name painted on the wall & they had bought a grands worth of girls clothes……only to give birth to a boy 😳 ….so maybe hospitals are a bit nervous of being sued if wrong?.

    Good luck with the rest of your pregnancy 😀


    I actually know 2 people in the same family that happened to – one had decorated and bought everything for a boy then had a girl. The other had been told along she was having a girl and had 2 girls already so hadn’t really bought much etc… then about a month before babs was born at scan the nurse said "he" they questioned her and were told no don’t know how you were told a girl it’s most definitely a boy! I did ask on DD2 and was told a girl but we took it with a pinch of salt and never told anyone that we’d asked…..just incase! 😉


    As my baby was a surprise Im now really …really hoping for a baby girl as I have only boys and given up hope of having a baby girl….


    Am convinced my bro & his wife were told DD2 was a boy – I’ve never heard such surprize in my bro’s voice!

    I too have only boys, lemonbee, & never asked – although my gut always said it was a boy. The number of people who presumed that I wanted a DS4 to be a girl was weird. As long as your baby is healthy that is the main thing and boys are fab in their own way….


    Ah can understand you wanting a girl though, i think that there is something very special about a daughter and when you have boys already…..


    Pookie, over the years people have been telling me that boys always stay close to their mothers 🙂 I’ve 4 sons, 15, 12, 10 and 2 and so far it’s been true 🙂 I just hope when girlfriends come into the picture things won’t change lol, oh dear, I sound awful lol. At the end of the day we just want them to be healthy and happy, but it sure is nice to have the opportunity to experience both sexes.

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