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    Hi hoping someone here has experience.

    I was at the GP’s and iv got Uterine Fibroids, i got the untrasound done to comfirm this.

    I am going to be referred onto a consultant, but my question is what will they do?

    What is the procedure?

    Also does this effect pregnancy/getting pregnant, iam not trying but just wondering?

    thanx for reading


    Hi happyface

    I have a small foibroid on the front of my womb…I had other surgery in sept for other reasons but i was told that the foibroid would not affect my fertility. They did not remove it as it was emergency surgery for something else but they did assure me it would not be a reason that i could not conceive…

    I dont know what size your foibroids are…they should have been able to tell you when you had your scan. but make sure you dont leave any stone unturned when you do get to your appointment…

    fingers crossed for you..


    I was told by a girl she needed hers removed to get pregnant, but as Chickpea said i think it depends on the size and where it is in the womb

    My MIL had 6 kids and she has Fibroids, she never had hers removed

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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