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    I am lepping with madness at the moment.

    I’ve just had Fianna F*ail canvassing at my door. I calmly asked them why I should vote for them and they said the past 10 years have been good to me and that the recession is mostly media driven and that I had my part to play too (holidays, cars, credit cards, buying a house) and that it is not the governments fault.

    Boo hoo!!

    I said if the government is not responsible then how can they claim to be in charge and running the country?

    The reply was that we”ve had it good, its not their fault, they brought us great wealth and prosperity and we should be grateful.

    I asked about the early childcare supplement being slashed and how this is going to affect my pre-school costs and they asked me to think hard – does my 4 year old really need to go to pre-school???

    This is the same government who said all children need a year of pre-school before going to big school!!

    I asked why they are bailing the banks out and not helping people struggling to pay their mortgages – their reply was we shouldn’t have bought such big houses with such big mortgages.

    I lost the cool at that stage and was about to run them when one of them (they were two leary old men) suggested I was not rational and that there was no point in talking to me as I seemed to have my mind made up…

    Iwanted to talk about the HSE, hikes in car taxes, hikes in bin charges, last years hefty increases in ESB & GAS, I wanted to know why they didn’t cut VAT in the crisis budget and are now in effect driving people to shop up north – but they would not answer my questions.

    They were an absolute disgrace. They were rude, they did not listen to me, they did not answer my questions, they did not enter into any proper discussion with me.

    I questioned them and they turned and fled – is it any wonder why we are in the state were in??

    I asked their names so I could call the two FF TD’s they were canvassing for and one of them point blank refused. He would not actually give me his name, he walked off!!!

    I had to pry this information from the other guy and I have since complained to the TD’s in question.

    As they left, they called over two 6 years old girls who were out playing on their skates. They gave the girls flyers and told them to ask their parents to vote FF.

    I would say those little girls are the only ones in my whole estate who did not run them….

    Sorry for ranting but I feel so much now I’ve gotten that off my chest!!!


    Totally agree Sabbi. We all know that Fianna Fail and the developers are in bed together. They artificially kept the boom going by offering every incentive to keep builders building. Now we have white elephants all over the country like Southgate and housing estates that will lie empty and attract vandalism. They are hugely to blame for the state we are in.

    It is a disgrace that they had the cheek to blame the voters. Well it is up to the voters to show them what they think. You should read Biggins post telling us that they are closing essential services in Crumlin that his son needs. So much for protecting the most vulnerable in society. I have had it up to here with them.

    Fair dues to you for letting them have it at the door. More people need to do that to ensure that there is real change. Well done.


    I would also point out to the standing tds that their reps are ap
    proaching little girls to deliver their propaganda – i would be furious if i was the parent of those children.

    Im not surprised that you were furious – doesnt sound like they know what they are talking about – probably feeling self important on the coat tails of the tds!!


    i saw it all yesterday eveving when i was watching the golf.there was brian cowen standing with someone else holding an umbrella over him.i couldnt believe what i was wonder they booed him on the 18th.



    you should do an article in the paper on FF canvassers resorting to using little kids to do their canvassing.


    There is a protest going on next Sat 23rd May, 12 noon outside National Childrens hospital in Crumlin about the ward closures etc. so any parents who can go, should really try to. Im going to try to make it over myself. Info about it on

    The mad thing is I really wanted to talk to them about these issues properly but they literally ran away from me……towards the non-confrontational 6 year olds!!

    One of them actually stooped down to speak to my 4 year old daughter on his way out of my driveway and my husband asked him not to speak to her – they were so horrid that we did not want them anywhere near our child.

    I would have told him to get away from her myself but I was too mad at that stage and I might have clobbered him with the umbrella in my hallway that was just calling out to me to pick it up!!!

    Its amazing, if I leave my car parked without a ticket for 5 mins I’ll get done for it but they can run the country into the ground and when we ask them about it, they run away like the cowards they are.

    I really hope the people of Ireland have learned not to vote them back in, I was shocked the last time they got back in but I’ll be gutted if they get in again….

    well thats enough ranting out of me for one day!! 🙂


    was telling my hubby about your knock at the door, the doorbell went tonight and he made a dash for the door, but it was sinn fein, he can’t wait for fianna fail to come knocking…….


    i saw it all yesterday eveving when i was watching the golf.there was brian cowen standing with someone else holding an umbrella over him.i couldnt believe what i was wonder they booed him on the 18th.

    He was standing with the Irish Open trophy in his hands, he was holding it for AGES!!! Thats why he wouldnt be holding an umbrella


    FF came knocking at ours a few days a go my husband answered the door and said don’t you dare even speak to me, I will never vote for you lot again and slammed the door. He comes from a very political family who have supported FF since they were founded so they had four generations of voters but DH has been so upset the last few months and he certainly won’t be voting for them.
    I have always voted for the Green Party and i am so dissapointed in them.


    hi taylor was during the play off before the presentation.there he was enjoying the tension like everyone else and his guy beside him holding the umbrella.


    i’ve been sitting here reading all the comments about the polititians,including my own and you know what, we really shouldnt get so annoyed about them.think about it.ok so maybe the country is in amess but at the moment the sun is shining(that can only be good),the kids are in school all wearing nice clean clothes(thank god)the little guy is running around playing ball and is beautiful and healthy.had a big stew for dinner yesterday and will have the leftovers from that for dinner today(thats fine cos it always tastes nicer on the second day)so all in all we might be broke and finding it hard to make ends meet but we are all healthy,there’s lunchin the lunch boxes and dinner on the,when we do our bit of giving out sit back and look at what we have right now and be thankful for all the wonderful things we never know when something will turn your world upside down so today i say thank god for my 4 wonderful kids,my wonderful husband,my lovely home,my good health,my parents,my sisters and brothers and thank god as i write this it’s not raining.


    It is that type of attitude from FF and probably many other parties that really irks me 👿 . How dare they call to peoples doors representing a TD who is looking for your vote and then not even have the intellect or the manners to discuss or debate issues that concern voters. They feel that they have a god given right to rule and that is exactly why those people canvassing behaved like they did….they dont feel that they have to answer for anything that has gone wrong with the country.

    It was the same this morning in the paper, when the Health Minister was queried about ward closures in crumlin and the long waiting lists for children, she said that we shouldnt focus on what hasnt been achieved and instead focus on all that had been achieved in the past 🙄 For the love of god…they are on another planet !!!! I dont know if any of them are worth voting for, the scary thing is that there doesnt seem to be any viable alternative 😥

    super minder

    i thought i was the only one who could make the ff party curse at me. i gave four of them a grilling. not one bloody question could they answer as for me buying a big house. thay got my stamp duty so i let a rip. big car 7 seater i see said the guy . i said . i need for work and then had the check to say well at least you have a job.

    the bloody garda wouldnt even talk to you like that. shower of good for nothings 👿 👿 👿 👿


    Angelmum is right about appreciating what we have

    I am truly a very happy and grateful person. Most people who know me would probably say I am an energetic and passionate person who likes to have fun (hopefully!!!)

    But last year I was sick and spent a month in hospital. The first 3 nights on a trolley in a corridor. A week later I was let home but was rushed back and had to go through 3 more nights on a trolley – even though I had only been out about 4 hours!! The conditions were awful but the nurses and doctors were amazing. I am grateful they helped me get better and I think its a disgrace they are ones affected by HSE cuts.

    Look at Biggins little child, the ward closures in Crumlin will really affect their family.

    The govt. spend money on tribunals, spin doctors and surverys but they take it from a children’s hospital?

    What about sufferers of Cystic Fibrosis. When the govt had the money they did not build them the wards they needed and now they have no money to do it. People will die because of this and its tragic and unnecessary.

    My son is waiting a year for a procedure at Temple St. that has not even be booked in yet because they are so busy. In the meantime, we have to keep a close eye on him so that he doesn’t develop infections.

    I have a wonderful husband, 3 clever and funny little children and great friends and family. I am thankful every day for what I have. I think we all should stop and smell the flowers – so to speak

    However, I do believe the govt are responsible for sending people up north to shop, i believe they fuelled the boom so we all ended up with big mortgages, I believe they saw it coming and did nothing (well Bertie legged it) but no one else did anything.

    I just think if they come looking for my vote (which I did not give them last time and doubt I ever will again) they should be prepared and have the decency to at least try to converse with their constituents.

    They were only short of calling me a crazy housewife

    Suggesting my child stay out of pre-school so we can save a few quid is not the answer!!

    They were avoiding the issue of the early childcare supplement being slashed.

    It is ridiculous they blamed the economic situation on the media and the public and took no resposnibilty at all. They literally told me it was my own fault and I should be grateful to them for my prosperity over the past 10 years.

    I’m all about live and let live but they cannot be allowed to knock on our doors and not be willing to face the consequences of their actions (or lack of actions) regarding the current state we are in.

    How can we vote them in when our VAT is so high and just a few miles up the road they cut theirs to 15%

    I hope they get the same reception from other homes and from the way other people tell me they feel, I suspect they will.


    they have a cheek saying that we have only ourselves to blame for taking out big mortgages My husband and I are in our house six years and I had to move forty miles away from my parents to find a house we could afford. I could not have bought a house in my home county unless i bought before the mid nineties when I was 21 and still in college. I didn’t cause that problem developers and speculators did and they were backed by the govt. It is also unfair when politicians say that we have lived it up for ten or fifteen years and spent beyond our means. Me and my husband have always been cautious with our spending we moved as far as we could within the Dublin Commuter Belt to get the best value for money. we have still not got a car and we have had one foreign holiday (our honeymoon) in the last seven years. We saved for the deposit on our house and we saved for our wedding. My husband works in the public sector and his wages are down around 100 euro a month. My hours were cut in work and it seems we have less money every week.
    yes i am grateful that we have the security of his job and our mortgage repayments have dropped but we will lose our mortgage tax relief soon aswell as the childcare suplement
    It galls me when politicians try to maintain that the middle classes have been spending like crazy when I know we have just been plodding along.
    Ah well I suppose you don’t miss what you’ve never had.

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